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New Museum Will Debut New Galleries With a Kahlil Joseph Show and More

231 Bowery. (Photo: Daniel Maurer)

To celebrate New Museum’s 40th anniversary (contemporary art museums, they grow up so fast!), two new gallery spaces and several exhibits will be added this fall. The temporary galleries will open on September 27 and showcase work by Peter Halilaj and filmmaker Khalil Joseph.

The galleries will connect the museum’s ground floor to 231 Bowery, which the museum purchased in 2011, and will operate for an indefinite period of time, according to a museum spokesperson.

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Bushwick Is Burning: Underground Trap Raves Keep It Weird

It’s 3 a.m. at Passion Lounge, the heavily mirrored club on Broadway previously known as Angels, and the roving underground party known as Ultra Velvet is in full swing. Brooklyn rapper Dai Burger coos a line from her new single into the mic: “Soufflé, I could come on these bitches all day.” She’s iced in iridescent blue from head to transparent heel. Her audience is similarly attired in ensembles ranging from the futuristic to the obscene. As lasers spin, they share fish bowls, sipping an orgy of liquor from long straws. Passion’s towering security guards look on, confused.
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