If the Chinatown snowman doesn't come back this year, literally everything's ruined. (Photo: Angelo Fabara)

If the Chinatown snowman doesn’t come back this year, literally everything’s ruined. (Photo: Angelo Fabara)

It’s the time of year for spiked apple cider, festive but often indiscernible light displays above your block, and that priceless gift of a 311 call from your neighbors when you’re belaying a Festivus pole through your third-floor window. Amassing unique holiday gifts for your pals, loved ones, and others you’re obligated to feign closeness with for at least as long as you’re sharing a roof, is apparently all part of the fun too.
After all, what’s the holiday season without conspicuous consumption? Unless you’re in the business of being a total troll, then grabbing generic crap from J.Crew Wythe the day before is simply not an option. The least you can do to ease your capitalist guilt is patronize local businesses. Here’s how you can be nice (and not naughty) this holiday season.
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