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The Final Debate: Where to Drink While You Watch

(flier via Village Pourhouse/Facebook)

(flier via Village Pourhouse/Facebook)

Tonight marks the third and (mercifully) final presidential debate in Las Vegas, meaning that the more socially minded among us will be looking to share in the democratic process with their fellow citizens and copious amounts of alcohol. 

Maybe you’re a diehard Donald Trump supporter drinking to distract yourself from what looks like an imminent landslide defeat, or a Hillary Clinton backer drowning away your sorrows at the indignities your candidate has endured. Perhaps you’re resigned to watching the world burn, but you’ve got some potentially lucrative prop bets riding on whether the candidates shake hands or how many times Trump says “tremendous.”

Whatever your motivation, if you’re looking to knock back a few while you take in the action, we’ve got you covered.  More →

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Tonight’s Debate: Where to Watch, Drink and (Try to) Laugh It Off

(flyer via NOW-NYC / Facebook)

(flyer via NOW-NYC / Facebook)

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and I somehow just got an email from Al Franken with the subject line “Time to panic.” Looks like it’s Debate Day.

As Hillary and Donald face off in Long Island tonight, some will watch alone in the dark, while clutching a pint of ice cream in sheer fear. Others will jump into the thick of it and head to Hofstra University, where street performer and purveyor of love and farts Matthew Silver will be debating fringe candidate Vermin Supreme. Good luck finding them. Thousands of protestors — not to mention a 51-foot joint — are also expected to descend on the Hempstead school.

Don’t worry, you can also watch from a safe distance. Here’s who’s throwing watch parties, offering drink specials, or otherwise spicing up this evening of discourse.

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