At these upcoming shows, artists “pimp” out myth, magic, and movies.

"Poop," courtesy of Richie Brown

“Poop,” courtesy of Richie Brown

Myth and Mutations
April 10 (opening 7-9pm) to May 2 at Reverse, 28 Frost St., Williamsburg
For this one, Richie Brown took traditional oracle cards and swapped in emojis. “I realized that a lot of the newly created cards had emoji counterparts (i.e. santa, alien, poop with eyes) as well as some of the traditional ones (i.e. envelope, dog, eyeballs),” he told us. The cards, he said, contain what you might call “Jungian archetypes” — “but I don’t know how Jung would feel about poop with eyes being included in that,” he admitted. Brown will perform readings using his “spiked” or “pimped” deck at the opening. Meanwhile, Jonathan Monaghan’s “The Checkpoint” is a reinterpretation of Dürer’s Triumphal arch, where griffons and heraldic crests are replaced by security camera, video game weaponry and Whole Foods logos. And Yara Travieso’s video installations reinterpret Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas and Eurypides’s Medea.

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