According to popular legend, the death knell tolled for print publishing years ago. But while industry insiders threw up their hands in defeat and the giant Borders crumbled to its knees, there were those in the shadows that refused to hear the bell’s call. Tomorrow at the Newsroom, we’ll talk to some local indie publishers who refused to go quietly into the digital night. Join us Tuesday, Oct. 22, as they speak to the challenges and opportunities facing independent print publishing. As always, the event is free — just let us know you’re coming.

Rami Shamir is the author of the acclaimed novel Train to Pokipse and a recipient of the 2013 Acker Award for fiction. He started Underground Editions in 2011 with partner Adam Void. The pair established a national distribution network of 40 independent booksellers while maintaining a total boycott of its titles from Barnes and Noble and Amazon. In addition to publishing Shamir’s novel, Underground Editions has released three other titles including the train-hopping travelogue from graffiti artists Droid 907 and AVOID, Live the Dream, learn to Die 2.

Katelan Foisy is a visual artist specializing in collage and mixed media painting. Her memoir, Blood and Pudding, was called The Best Book of 2010 by Words with Jam magazine. Knickerbocker Circus began in a Lower East Side café in 2009 and was designed to give artists more creative control over their own works and to embrace those artists overlooked by traditional genres.

Jordan McIntyre is the founding editor and sole owner of The Crumpled Press, which he began in 2004 to showcase new authors and provided a space for established writers to say something new. McIntrye has published two books of poetry including Crumpled Press’s inaugural publication, Still Leaves.