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After Opening as a Jazz Joint, The Rosemont Trades Swing Time for Queer Nights

People crowd into the rear area of a Bushwick bar. They’re hooting and hollering, throwing dollar bills into the air as a drag queen named Ruby Fox, with long hair and an outfit reminiscent of an underground fetish party, lip syncs and launches into a back handspring. Where a kitchen once sizzled, a DJ now spins. Nowadays, this is just an average Wednesday night at The Rosemont, a newer project from Trash Bar’s Aaron Pierce that initially opened in Bushwick last May. Rather than carrying on the wild spirit of Trash, The Rosemont was poised to be more mature, a jazz club slinging bespoke cocktails and small plates. But recently they brought on someone new, switching saxophones for death drops.

Hopeful as Pierce was for this new, classier direction, seven days a week of jazz didn’t prove entirely fruitful. Enter Troy Carson, previously known for opening Williamsburg gay bars Metropolitan and Sugarland and managing East Village spots Nowhere Bar and Phoenix, who now serves as The Rosemont’s general manager. More →

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Trash Bar Owner Aaron Pierce On His New Bushwick Jazz Joint, The Rosemont


(Photos courtesy of The Rosemont)

The Rosemont, the new one from Aaron Pierce of bygone Trash Bar, has soft-opened in anticipation of a grand opening in May. For those who remember the Trash Bar (however fondly), The Rosemont (a play on its Montrose Street location) is more than a distinctive step up—it’s really nice, by any standards: gorgeous banquettes, a lovely bar with chic padded barstools, an inviting outdoor courtyard, and spiffy bathrooms. The venue still has live music, but the narrow stage in back will cater to jazz rather than drunken rock, and the specialties behind the bar tend towards bespoke cocktails that have more ingredients than “PBR and a shot.” (Try the ‘69 Camaro, a nice turn on an Old Fashioned.)

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Trash Bar Owner’s New Place Gets Dumped On By Neighbors

trash bar

Trash bar owner Aaron Pierce. Directly behind him on the right, resident of 63 Montrose Avenue, Jamie Slaper. (Photo: Jaime Cone)

The owner of Trash Bar, who recently announced his music venue will be closing its doors this spring, faced a wall of opposition against his proposed new bar at a meeting in Williamsburg last night. Though Aaron Pierce claimed his new venture would be a classy bar and restaurant, he wasn’t able to shake Trash Bar’s reputation as a drunken, divey free-for-all (delightful for patrons but frequently termed “a nightmare” by those who would be living near the proposed new establishment). His bar failed to get the support of CB1’s SLA Committee.

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