Deputy Inspector John Cappelman. (Photo: Mary Reinholz)

Deputy Inspector John Cappelmann. (Photo: Mary Reinholz)

Crime in all its myriad forms (including debit card scams, bike and cellphone thefts and old-fashioned purse snatchings) has increased over the last 28 days in the East Village — when, that is, such dastardly deeds are compared to minuscule crime rates in the immediate wake of superstorm Sandy.

Addressing a packed monthly Community Council meeting last night at the precinct’s East Fifth Street station house, Deputy Inspector John Cappelmann, the precinct’s commanding officer, said felonies like grand larceny were up 15 percent compared to the same period last year, and burglary rates were higher. One apparent perp, he said, left his tennis shoes in one of the East 14th Street apartments he burgled (“We got his DNA”) and then entered another unit in new boots only to fall from a window and wind up seriously injured at Bellevue.
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