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Sidewalk Bookseller Jen Fisher Knows All Your Secrets

Introducing Book Hawks, in which we meet the sidewalk booksellers who brave the elements to bring you good reads.

Jen Fisher. (Photo: Naryan Sawyers)

Jen Fisher sells books, which she unpacks from the trunk of her car each day, on the corner of Avenue A and St. Marks Place. Our conversation was punctuated by her exchanges with friends and neighbors as they passed.

How’d you start selling books?

I started selling books five years ago, because I really love people and books and I want to share it with people. Books are very complicated, and they bring a lot of complication and beauty out of people.

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Protesters Blew Up Henry Kissinger’s Appearance at NYU

A protester disrupted Henry Kissinger’s appearance at an NYU business school event yesterday. Ethan Frankel, an NYU student, took the megaphone and announced he had interrupted the event to several dozen protesters at Gould Plaza.

In a video, Frankel can be seen standing up a few rows from the front and beginning to make a statement about Kissinger’s involvement in the Vietnam War, to groans from the crowd, before he was escorted out. Then another student stood up, yelling “Henry Kissinger, you have blood on your hands”; she also mentioned Kissinger’s involvement in the overthrow of the democratically elected President Allende in Chile, before being escorted out.

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At This Queer Venue, Check Your Notion of Gay Bars (and Your Cell Phone) at the Door

(via 3dollarbillbk on Instagram)

3 Dollar Bill opened this summer near the Montrose L stop as the largest queer venue in Brooklyn. “We should be proud of ourselves that we opened it, because a lot of people tried and didn’t succeed,” co-owner Brenda Breathnach said. She and her partners, who also own the East Village gay bar Phoenix, spent two years trying to get the new venue up and running.

“Up until the last day, we weren’t sure whether this place could open.”

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Law Would Close ‘Kushner Loophole’ After Developer Is Fined For Fudging Building Applications

118 East 4th Street (photo courtesy of StreetEasy)

Council Member Ritchie Torres is introducing legislation to prevent landlords from lying in paperwork to the City about the number of rent-regulated apartments in their buildings, he announced at a press conference today.

The bill aims to crack down on what’s known as the “Kushner loophole” — landlords falsely stating in construction permit applications that a building does not contain occupied rent-regulated units. (Buildings with rent-regulated tenants are subject to stricter construction oversight.) A study by Housing Rights Initiative found that Kushner Cos. filed at least 80 false permit applications in dozens of buildings, according to an Associated Press report. Many of those buildings are in the East Village.

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