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Liza Thorn (Photo: Pearce Pics)

(Photo: Pierce Pics)

Lower East Side resident and author Royal Young releases an excerpt from his debut memoir “Fame Shark”, chronicling his search for identity (sexual and otherwise) and fame in NYC in the ‘90s. [The Lo-Down]

A newer, bigger (and more alcohol-rich) Motorino – Mathieu Palombino’s  beloved pizza-pie eatery  — will open at 139 Broadway, Williamsburg. The deceased outpost had shut down after it began to sink into its own swampy base. [Eater]
Here’s a spicy rumor to salivate over: there’s unconfirmed word of a new Mission Chinese outpost, Danny Bowien’s popular LES joint that serves super hot, hybrid Chinese dishes and has a worm hole to TV show Twin Peaks (which is also the bathroom). [Bowery Boogie via Eater]

First it was the G, now it’s the J/Z: 11 weekends of track-work are slotted for the Brooklyn-Queens pipeline starting tomorrow, June 22 through September 1. [DNAinfo]

A new bus loop will make your beer-guzzling, sun-tan getting dreams that much more attainable: The BYOB line, New York City Beach Bus, services the Rockaways from Williamsburg and downtown Brooklyn: $10 per leg or $12 roundtrip (prices drop to $5/$8 for a “sneak peak” weekend special on June 29 and 30). [Brooklyn Magazine]

This Sunday, Brooklyn Bowl helps pick up the slack for city budget cuts that have jeopardized the after-school program at IS 318 in Bushwick. “Bring back the music” is $5 for kids, $10 for adults. [Greenpointers]

Long-time East Village jeweler, Jillery, will move to a new location on East Seventh Street and Avenue B from her current location on East Tenth Street. [EV Grieve]