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Folks Got Lit in Support of Literacy, One of Many Obstacles Facing Incarcerated Teens

L-R: Robert Galinsky, Andy Rourke, DJ CherishTheLuv, Keith Shocklee (photo: Shaun Mader)

From left: Robert Galinsky, Andy Rourke, Cynthia Malaran (aka DJ CherishTheLuv), and Keith Shocklee (Photo: Shaun Mader)

Last week Friday, a West Village photo studio was transformed into a hub of empowerment for #GalinskyLIT, an effort to  help fund libraries and education initiatives in NYC jails and prisons. But if the word “fundraiser” inspires images of gold-plated table spreads and celebrities in sparkly gowns posing in front of hot lights, well, you’ve got the wrong thing in mind. Instead of exclusiveness, this event embraced inclusiveness– and rather than simply serving and coordinating donations and programs for incarcerated teenagers from a distance, the organizers really listened to the underserved and too-often maligned group that it represents.

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Die Jim Crow Pop-up Exhibition

Anti-mass incarceration activist Fury Young and his team are planning a cross-country road-trip, in order to begin production on a concept album that will give formerly and currently incarcerated persons a voice. They’ll be stopping off at prisons to make recordings of musically-minded prisoners, and meeting formerly incarcerated correspondents to record with them as well. They’ll also be spreading awareness of America’s insanely over-saturated prison system along the way. To fund-raise for said trip, Fury’s holding a pop-up art show (including his work and that of several formerly and currently incarcerated persons) in one of New York’s most beautiful public gardens.

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Buy Some Convict Art So This Guy Can Take a Jail Cell On a Musical Prison Tour

Fury Young with his "anti-prison art" (Photo courtesy of Fury Young)

Fury Young with his anti-prison art (Photo courtesy of Fury Young)

Fury Young is planning a road trip—but not just any old cross-country joyride. He’ll be traveling from New York to LA in a faux prison cell for starters, and the itinerary is unusual to say the least. “We’re going to go, basically, to the hood,” he says. “High incarceration rate neighborhoods. And prisons, as many prisons as we can get access to along the way.”
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