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Mehran Khaghani’s ‘Hate Mail’

New York-based comedian Mehran Khaghani’s new monthly show at Rockwood Music Hall delves into actual hate mail that guests have received from jilted lovers, rival business owners, and more — “in some instances, even trying to look up who sent the mail,” says Khagani. “Basically, I’m getting all up in their business. And man, the nerve of some people…”

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5 Live Comedy Shows That Riff On Themes, From Lust to Hate

Sure, comics are notorious navel-gazers, but the fun themes at these recurring shows encourage them to dig for more than just belly button lint.

HowILearnedThe How I Learned Series
July 29, 8 pm at Union Hall: $6 advance, $10 at the door
The latest installment of this series, “You Don’t Have To Go Home But You Can’t Stay Here,” promises to be worth the price of admission. This show about getting kicked out of bars, being the last loser at a party, “the pursuit of fun,” and stupid decisions will feature Isaac Oliver, Ophira Eisenberg, Nancy Balbirer, Kate Greathead, Lynn Bixenspan and host Blaise Allysen Kearsley.

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Comedian Mehran Khaghani Extracts the Venom From Hate Mail in a New Monthly Show

mehranOver the millennia much attention has been paid to the concept of love (a second hand emotion? a stink?), while hate tends to sit, brooding in the corner. Apparently, the line between the two is thin. A wise master once noted, “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” Beyond this advice for mastering your emotions (and the force), is a call for empathy. Of course, how can one forget the more fatalist flipside: “haters gonna hate.”

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