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Catch France’s Crème de la Crème (For Free!) at the France Rocks Summerfest

Israeli-French singer/songwriter Yael Naim. (Photo courtesy FranceRocks)

Israeli-French singer/songwriter Yael Naim. (Photo courtesy France Rocks)

Voilà! The inaugural France Rocks Summerfest or should we say, France Des Roches Fest D’été (no, no we shouldn’t) kicked off Memorial Monday with a performance by “guitar orchestra” composer Rhys Chatham, and continues on June 3 with a performance at Le Poisson Rouge by French pianist and composer Maxence Cyrin (known for his solo piano covers; check out his 2009 cover of “Where Is My Mind” by The Pixies). The seven-week showcase of French music will include more than 30 musical acts performing a range of indie rock, pop, electronica, jazz and world rhythms at more than 25 venues across Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

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Trans Pecos Experimental Music Series

Diamond Terrifier‘s experimental and outsider music series is one of those rare things: a free music event at a venue space (there is a one drink minimum but, whatever, you were totally gonna buy that beer anyway). This isn’t quite an open-mic night, but the kind of attentiveness and risk-taking and newness it inspires makes it similar. Swap out amateurs for seasoned musicians who are trying out their less seasoned material and you’ve got Practice. 

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