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Art: Abdul Abdullah’s Coming to Terms


Looking at Abdul Abdullah‘s work alone might not give you every hint necessary to guess immediately where the 29-year-old artist is from. And seeing him in the flesh, t-shirt and jeans, ordering a beer at bar in Greenpoint, gives you even fewer clues to go on. That’s because in the post-9/11 world, Muslims in countries across the world have had to deal with widespread prejudice, demonization, and deeply confused depictions of their religion and culture, experiences that Abdullah confronts head-on in his paintings and photographs. Turns out Abdullah’s from Australia, but his new solo show, Coming to Terms, is a reminder that the problem of Islamophobia is unfortunately still as potent as ever almost everywhere. By appointment only, contact Jessica Holburn:

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Richard Flanagan in Conversation with Patrick McGrath

Richard Flanagan’s latest novel,The Narrow Road to the Deep North, is based on the experience of an Australian man in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp on the 1943 Thai-Burma death railway. This sounds fairly grim, and indeed the novel oscillates “between scenes of relentless violence and the desolations of war’s aftermath” while nevertheless (!) offering the possibility of redemption. This magician-worthy feat, courtesy of Flanagan’s literary prowess, has been rewarded with a Booker nomination. The author’s previous works (including Gould’s Book of Fish and The Sound of One Hand Clapping) have also been highly praised. See the man himself in conversation with Patrick McGrath, a writer of ‘gothic fiction’. Looks to be a cheery evening, then.