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Jimmy McMillan Endorses Weiner for Mayor; Behold the Ramen Burger


Summerscreen last night. (Photo: Reeve Jolliffe)

The New Museum sends over a press release announcing plans to put two 36-foot-tall mini skyscrapers on its roof and a 30-foot double-ended vessel on its façade as part of a new exhibit featuring the art of Chris Burden. [New Museum]

Sun Noodle will sell one of Keizo Shimamoto’s awe-inspiring Ramen Burgers to the first 100 customers at Smorgasburg on Saturday. [Gothamist]
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Parking Lot Shakespeare and Evil Goddess Nudes: The Weekend in Art

"Norn #1" by Jonny Ruzzo

“Norn #1” by Jonny Ruzzo

If you’d like some performance with your art tonight, check out Shakespeare in the Parking Lot, which is taking over the open pavement in the Municipal Parking Lot on the corner of Ludlow and Broome for the premiere of their second free show of the summer, Richard III. The all-female Women Center Stage Festival is revving up for its closing weekend, starting tonight with A Groundbreakers Playlist, a series of short performances that feature a show about Justin Beiber playing a lesbian-themed video game and then “turning into a turnip.” To keep things weird all weekend, read on for our art picks.
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‘Style Junkie’ Sarah Lim Scores Her Local Cologne at In God We Trust

(Photo: Ebru Yildiz)

Sarah Lim in the shop’s backyard. (Photo: Ebru Yildiz)

When In God We Trust’s first location opened on Wythe Avenue in 2005, it was a modest shop with a little studio in the back. In that small space, founder Shana Tabor designed original clothes and jewelry with uniquely irreverent touches. For instance: the instant classic, heart-shaped Sweet Nothing necklace with a handwritten inscription reading “kiss me where i pee.” The inaugural shop has since closed but three new stores opened in its place.
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Watch the Melvins Cover the Butthole Surfers With Sir Gibby Haynes Himself

The Melvins played House of Vans in Greenpoint last night and we still haven’t recovered our hearing. Among the reasons: Dale Crover, looking half his age thanks to a Justin Bieber haircut, was joined on the double drums by newcomer Coady Willis (well, relative newcomer: he’s been drumming with the Melvins for some years, but we’re talking about a band that’s been pummeling audiences for three decades. Kurt Cobain drove them to shows back when Nirvana was something only Buddhists talked about.)
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Watch Swaai Boys Turn Their Practice Space into an African Beach Hut

It’s Tropical Thursday here on Bedford + Bowery — now that we’ve introduced you to “castaway rock,” how bout some “turf rock”? Swaai Boys take their inspiration from the idea of adventure, manifesting in a hybrid genre they also call “tropical pop.”
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It’s Called Tropical Contact, and the Guy From Call Box Wants to Give It to You

(Photo: Natalie Rinn)

Laser-dancers at The Call Box. (Photo: Natalie Rinn)

Grab a Hawaiian shirt: Timothy Traynor, of Call Box Lounge dance party fame, is debuting Tropical Contact tonight at Isa. No, Tropical Contact isn’t a euphemism for some unspeakable jungle malady: it’s an island-themed soiree involving free beer, tropical fabrics, laid-back Caribbean tracks and a “nothing pretentious” great time, according to Traynor.
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L Train Is Cutting Out Early; Driver in Sidewalk Wreck Pleads Not Guilty


(Photo: Phillip Kalantzis Cope)

So apparently the L train isn’t going to be running late-nights in August. Guess the whole “city that never sleeps” business doesn’t extend beyond the East River. Dammit. [Brokelyn]

Speaking of the L, The L Magazine named us “best new local blog” in their Best of Brooklyn issue (yep, shameless plug). Aww, thanks, guys! [The L]
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