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Rooftop Films: 'Thanksgiving'

Brooklyn filmmaker Adam Newport-Berra, who has shot music videos for the likes of the Dirty Projectors as well as the feature First Winter, climbs into the director’s chair with a mumblecore-esque Kickstarter-backed film about a brother (or is he?) who throws a wrench into her sister’s relationship during a Thanksgiving dinner. Williamsburg’s own Reggie Watts has a role.
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15 Respectable Reasons to Stay Local This Memorial Day Weekend

Trust us, the roads don't look anything like this right now.

Trust us, the roads don’t look anything like this right now. (Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Staying in town this Memorial Day weekend? Count yourself lucky. Being stuck in the city is way better than being stuck in traffic, or — worse yet — in a Hamptons club, waiting for your friend to stop talking to that bro in the pink shirt so she can give you a ride back to the timeshare. Here’s over a dozen things you can do this weekend, starting with the next best thing to a cat cafe. Have a groovy weekend — we’ll be back here Tuesday.
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