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Silent Barn Has Silently Opened a Cafe


From left, barista Stephanie Griffin and bar manager Ginny Benson. (Photo: Nicole Disser)

The new cafe at Silent Barn has been open for about a week now, and it may look like the same old space we know and love for shows and other events, but there have been some big changes. For one, barista Stephanie Griffin told us, “It’s now legal to drink beer in the yard.”
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Rockaway Concessions Gain Roberta’s Pizza, Ice Pops, Fro Yo… But Lose Booze

So, yes, Rockaway has three new outdoor drinking spots – but what about the boardwalk concessions we already know and love?

The good news is this: Roberta’s has set up a mobile pizza oven on a short stretch of boardwalk on Beach 69th Street and will be slinging pies on the weekends, weather-permitting.
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