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Coney Island Laser Show

Far out, dude! Laser spectaculars are hard to come by in NYC. This homegrown one isn’t as polished as the ones you saw in the planetariums of your youth (though you do get free laser glasses), but the live pre-show entertainment, at 10 p.m. in the Freak Bar, includes rock/disco DJs, and a “psychedelic sideshow” featuring “freaks, geeks and wild women,” Plus, you get a free bumper car ride at El Dorado with advance tix.
July 12: The Beatles
Aug 9: Grateful Dead
Sept 13: Pink Floyd, Best of Echoes

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The Mermaid Parade

It’s the closest thing NYC has to Mardi Gras: for the 32nd year, see lovely ladies (and dudes) dressed (or rather, undressed) as mermaids. This year’s King and Queen Neptune are none other than the De Blasio kids, Dante and Chiara. The official afterparty, with live music and burlesque performances, is at MCU Park.
Here’s the parade route:
* The Parade will start at West 21st Street and Surf Avenue
* The Parade will roll east to West 10th Street
* At West 10th Street the Parade will turn south towards the boardwalk
* Cars and Motorized Floats continue down Surf Ave. passing W. 10th Street and exit the parade.
* At the Boardwalk, the marchers and push-pull floats will turn west and head towards West 17th St.
* At Steeplechase Plaza, the Parade will disband.

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Sandy Really Rang Their Bell, But These Coney Island Carnies Are Standing Tall

Jeff Fish and Monica Ghee in front of the Hi-Striker. (Photo: Jessica)

Jeff Fish and Monica Ghee in front of the Hi-Striker. (Photo: Jessica Militare)

Monica Ghee keeps an apartment on the Lower East Side, but during the summer you’ll find her in the shadow of the Wonder Wheel in her native Coney Island, where for over 40 years she has operated the Hi~Striker, a test-your-strength game invented in the early 1900s. Patrons whack a mallet against a base, propelling a dinger up a 17-foot, yellow steel tower. Ghee has aptly labeled each checkpoint — “Sad Sack” at the lowly level seven, and “Oy Vey” at the close-but-no-cigar level 13.
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Some LaRouchebags Are Comparing Obama to Hitler

(Photo: Anthony Pappalardo)

(Photo: Anthony Pappalardo)

Nazi imagery sure is making a comeback today: in Coney Island, some idiot(s) defaced a Jackie Robinson statue with swastikas, and look what’s happening right here in Williamsburg.

This morning, a two-man crew stood outside the Graham stop telling anyone who’d listen that President Obama is a fascist, along with Bush, J.P. Morgan and pretty much any commercial bank.
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