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Motor City Bar Threw Itself a Going-Away Party

Image(3)Last night Motor City Bar celebrated “17 years of sex, drugs and rock n roll,” as the invite to its going-away bash put it. We stopped by the Lower East Side dive and got a few photos of the packed, humid room, presided over by the gyrating Anna CopaCabanna and — in the DJ nook — Dion Lunadon of A Place to Bury Strangers.

If you missed the official sendoff, don’t worry: the whiskey will be flowing for another week.

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Bye Bye, Blarney Cove: An Irish Holdover Packs Up the Shillelagh

Sometime around 1977, Father Time ducked into the Blarney Cove on East 14th Street and never bothered to start the clock back up when he left. A gnarled shillelagh, or “Irish whuppin’ stick,” hangs on the wall beneath the television, which is typically tuned to baseball or horse races. There’s a working payphone and a video poker game by the tables in the rear. A faint odor of stale beer floats around.

Sadly, there are just a scant few days left to grab a cheap domestic draft at this sliver of old New York. The Cove will close its doors for good at the end of this month. It’s “going the way of Mars Bar and CBGB,” says bartender Lisa Ramsay.
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