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You Know These New Yorkers, But Can You Guess Who They’re Voting For?

After finding out who 300 of your neighbors are voting for, we once again teamed up with NYU’s Studio 20 to find out who and what some not-so-random New Yorkers are getting behind. Click the sliders to find out what a reality show star, a filmmaker, a few small (and not-so-small) business owners, and a pastor/politician would do if they were mayor.

Reporting by Lilah Raptopoulos, Catherine Kustanczy, Kristin Oakley, and the rest of the students of Studio 20.

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Here’s Our Mondo Map of How, Why (and Whether!) 300 Of Your Neighbors Are Voting

It’s been clear since the political ads started airing in August: New York City is in a ‘fromance with Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio. And with a 54-point lead in the latest poll, the Public Advocate is slated to be our next mayor. If the winner seems to be in the bag, will people still turn up to cast their vote?
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