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This Souped-Up Truck Serves Free Food With a Side of Social Services

Cooper Park residents Guillermo Nunez and Maria Albarado enjoying a free meal © Kasper van Laarhoven

A $340,000 “Angelmobile” has started cruising the streets of North Brooklyn, handing out free meals in Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick. The state-of-the-art food truck– funded in part by Norman Brodsky, the entrepreneur who drew ire from community activists when he held out on selling his valuable waterfront property for parkland— is more than just a mobile soup kitchen. Inside, it has an office space where a rotating array of neighborhood organizations can dole out social services.

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Trans Allies to Rally In Bushwick; Bliss Cafe Won’t Outlast June

Queer rights advocates at Bash Back will rally for tolerance Thursday evening in Freedom Triangle Park in response to the beating of two trans women outside a Bushwick liquor store earlier this month. [Gothamist]

The founders of local pizza mini-chain Emily now face a lawsuit from five investors who partnered in the Williamsburg outpost. [Grub Street]

On Bedford Avenue, Bliss Cafe will shutter next week. [Free Williamsburg] More →

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This Woman Is Lying in a Coffin For 24 Hours to Protest the Repeal of Obamacare

(Photo: Shannon Barbour)

For the next 24 long, hot hours Rosary Solimanto will lie lifeless in a coffin outside of the offices of senators Kirsten Gellibrand and Chuck Schumer, to protest the “fast tracking” of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

“If I don’t get proper medical care in the near future, that coffin’s going to be for real,” Solimanto said during an interview explaining why she was planning the performance protest.

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