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Watch Chrome Canyon Turn a Greenpoint Loft into a ’70s Berlin Discotheque

Morgan Z has long been drawn to the work of film-score composers like Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Giorgio Moroder. That much is clear when you listen to Chrome Canyon’s debut LP “Elemental Themes,” produced mostly at Morgan’s spacious Greenpoint apartment. That’s where he keeps some of his favorite toys, including a Juno 60 synth and a Korg PE 1000.
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Watch Swaai Boys Turn Their Practice Space into an African Beach Hut

It’s Tropical Thursday here on Bedford + Bowery — now that we’ve introduced you to “castaway rock,” how bout some “turf rock”? Swaai Boys take their inspiration from the idea of adventure, manifesting in a hybrid genre they also call “tropical pop.”
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Watch Seattle Surf Rockers La Luz Play a Seattle Pizzeria, Right Here in New York

If you missed La Luz’s first New York City show Sunday at Mercury Lounge, you’ll want to catch them at Shea Stadium tonight. The band, formed a year ago in Seattle, plays surf rock tinged with lead singer Shana Cleveland’s fluid guitar riffs, Marian Li Pino’s sometimes punishing percussion, Alice Sandahl’s mesmerizing keyboard work, and haunting four-piece harmonies.
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