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A Visually Impaired Dancer Asks You to Take a Closer Look at His Work

(Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk, Courtesy of The Immigrant Artist Biennial TIAB. Brooklyn Museum, 2020.)

You may have never seen live dance in a museum. But on the first Saturday of March, visitors flocked to Brooklyn Museum’s Great Hall to watch Christopher Unpezverde Núñez dance while wearing red long johns and a pink hoodie painted with pop art: Andy Warhol’s banana peel, a green alien, Rufino Tamayo’s pink and green fishes, Florentijn Hofman’s rubber duck and a green skull with red curly hair. Sewn into the hoodie were several toys that were reminiscent of  his nieces and his dogs.  More →

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We Got This: NYC’s Recent History of Combatting Outbreaks

Yesterday, as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in New York climbed to 142, with 7 new ones in New York City, Governor Cuomo announced that the state would produce 100,000 gallons of hand sanitizer per week, to be made available for free where needed. With every such news alert, the feeling of uncertainty in the air has been heightening. But we’re no strangers to these emergencies. Here’s a look back at recent infectious disease outbreaks in New York City, and how the government, the public, and the media responded to them. More →

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Witchcraft Is Everywhere, and I’m Trying It Out For a Spell

Emma Westbrook is a modern witch, business owner, and intuitive. She’s been reading tarot since age 16. (Photos courtesy of the subjects.)

On the Aries full moon, October 13, Emma Westbrook, an Aries, orders iced coffee. Her sharp, neon space babe acrylic nails toy with her disintegrating compostable straw. A nostalgic smile tugs at her lips as she recalls her first spell, one she cast on her high school boyfriend. She sat at the counter in her family’s Long Island kitchen with some cinnamon (to “quicken things”), some basil (a “love herb”) and two unscented tea-lights because her parents “hate scents.” More →

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What to Do On Thanksgiving If Turkey Ain’t Gonna Cut It

Puff, Pass and Paint

If gorging on turkey, stuffing and canned cranberry sauce doesn’t sound like a good time and you wouldn’t be caught dead at the Macy’s parade, you might be anti-Thanksgiving. Luckily, there are plenty of things to do in the city that don’t involve gluttonous food consumption or having awkward conversations with distant relatives. If you’re stuck in the city for the fourth Thursday of the month, here are some alternative events to check out.  More →

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A New Breed of Climbing Dirtbag Has Parked in NYC

Nathan Staiger in his Mercedes Sprinter. (Photo: Kai Burkhardt)

Parked under a bridge in Queens is a white Mercedes Sprinter van. On the outside it looks like any other car; maybe you notice the solar panels on top, or the windows blocked with insulation. But on the inside is Nathan Staiger’s entire life. Staiger, 30, goes to school, rock climbs and sleeps in his van. Some may think he’s homeless, climbers may think he’s awesome, but Staiger and a small community of other vandwellers in the city are carrying a torch that has a deep history in climbing and other outdoor sports.  More →

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Does a CBD Workout Make Hitting the Gym More Chill?

(Photo: Hanson Fitness)

Before starting the new CBD workout at Hanson Fitness, owner Harry Hanson— known for training celebrities like Rihanna and Tyra Banks— helped me apply a transdermal patch to the back of my neck. He guaranteed the patch contained “good quality CBD oil” and that it would help with muscle relaxation. He then turned me over to Fodell Oukil, who works as a trainer for the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team for the 17u division. After the class, I’d “sleep like an angel,” Fodell assured me. More →

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What We Did Halloween Weekend and What YOU Should Do Tonight

That Feeling When (right) performing as Hall(oween) and Oats alongside fans (left) at Unit J’s Rock is Dead IV concert in Bushwick.

As you can tell from our photos, we’re still pretty wiped from this past weekend’s frightful festivities. But if we didn’t go out on All Hallow’s Eve proper, we’d be some real ’weenies. That’s why you’ll find us at tonight’s Color Me BOO-shwick concert and at the always-packed That’s So 90’s dance party at the The Woods. The I Remember Halloween party is also a safe bet: the light-up floor at JJ’s Hideaway has seen a lot of dancing shoes since it opened a few months ago. More →

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Here’s How to Have a Hell of a Halloween Weekend


The Return of Dancorcism Halloween
Before dancing dirty into the dawn of the dead, spend your afternoon exorcising bad spirits while exercising at Dancorcism at Greenpoint’s Park Church Co-op. This monthly 90-minute “practice of living in love” led by Debbie Attias will be having a costumed Halloween edition that advocates self-love while celebrating life together with music and movement. Dancorcism, Oct. 26 from 1:30-3pm, at The Park Church Co-op, 129 Russel St., Greenpoint; tickets $25 advance/$30 at the door. More →

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How Many Thousands of Calories Does It Take to Become San Gennaro’s Cannoli King and Zeppole Czar?

Selfie by Wayne Algenio.

Despite the ferris wheels and free piña coladas, the real attraction at this year’s San Gennaro festival was Queens native Wayne Algenio. He dominated the eating contests by winning two out of the three, first devouring 38 cannoli in six minutes on Friday, Sept. 13, then stuffing down 54 zeppoli in the same timeframe less than a week later. The only reason he didn’t represent at the meatball competition? He had signed up for a mac and cheese eating contest the same day (which he won).  More →

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Pokémon GO Has Become a Cutthroat Sport, and This Brooklyn Battler Aims to Rule It

Saadiq Newton-Boyd, at left. (Photos: Kai Burkhardt)

Huddled in the seating area of the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center, 68 battlers sat in pairs. For seven rounds that lasted over three and a half hours, these Pokémon fanatics fought for the first place trophy for the regional tournament—and a rayquaza plushie. More →