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Performance Picks: Kissing, True Crime, Macaulay Culkin


(image via Eventbrite)

Thursday, May 16 at C’mon Everybody, 8 pm: $8 advance, $10 doors

Whom among us has not quit something? This shared sentiment typically unites the room at Quitters, Sam Corbin and Ian Goldstein’s monthly comedy show that asks performers to ruminate upon the times they decided to throw in the towel. However, the quitting isn’t entirely pervasive, as the show is celebrating two whole consistent years of existence tonight. Yes, that’s two years without quitting, or at least without quitting this once specific thing. The folks helping the two hosts celebrate their commitment to the quit include Rachel Kaly, Shalewa Sharpe, Rachel Pegram, and Chris Donahue, and a portion of the ticket proceeds will be going to the ACLU. More →

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Art This Week: Incarceration Meditations, Awkward Domesticity, and More

(image courtesy of Rachel Margolin)

Broken Heaven
Opening Tuesday, May 14 at 7 Franklin Place, 6 pm to 10 pm. One night only.

Art exhibitions featuring people who are formerly or currently incarcerated have been fairly common, but it would be unproductive to shoehorn them into a category. After all, no one goes about remarking about how there are too many art exhibitions featuring people who live in houses. If you’ve yet to go to an art show that draws from the profound and traumatic experience of incarceration on creators, or even if you have, head to Tribeca tonight for a show by the formerly incarcerated artist Pingo, who will be showing his work to the public for one night before a stint at this year’s Art Basel Miami. Pingo’s work is abstract and textural, recalling Jackson Pollock and utilizing shocks of colorful paint to convey a landscape of emotion. Not only that, but the exhibition will also include ice sculptures.

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Vegan BBQ in a Wild West, East Village Saloon

(image courtesy of Honeybee’s)

The city is full of places to get very specific types of consumable items. If you’re looking for bone broth you can sip like a latte, there’s a kiosk for that. Mango fried rice made with Arizona Iced Tea? You can find it at Mission Chinese in Bushwick. But if you’ve wanted to imbibe high-end whiskey cocktails in a Wild West setting that also serves up an entirely vegan BBQ menu, you were out of luck up until last week, when Ravi DeRossi’s new bar Honeybee’s opened in the East Village.

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Performance Picks: Drag Fundraising, Pop-Punk Burlesque, and More


(image via Wallbreaker / Facebook)

Thursday, May 9 at Macri Park, 10:30 pm: donation suggested

By now, you’ve probably heard of Drag Queen Story Hour, a wholesome event where drag performers from the local community go to a library or other such space outside of nightlife hours and read a story to some children. Once the sun goes down, you can support this heartwarming initiative at the latest edition of Wallbreaker, a monthly fundraiser party and drag show that will be aiming their philanthropy at Drag Queen Story Hour this month. There will be a raffle featuring all sorts of prizes alongside the main event: performances by Dezi 5, Junior Mint, Juniper Juicy, Mini Horrorwitz, and more. More →

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Miniatures Through Magnifying Glasses and More Art This Week

(image courtesy of Victori + Mo)

Shame is the First Betrayer
Opening Thursday, May 9 at Victori + Mo, 6 pm to 8 pm. On view through June 22.

Art gallery Victori + Mo, which previously occupied a space within Bushwick’s 56 Bogart, is moving to Chelsea. The first exhibition in their new space, opening Thursday, is by multidisciplinary artist Phoenix Lindsey-Hall. The show takes its inspiration from the Lesbian Herstory Archives, specifically sections of the archive’s collection containing people’s personal belongings. Typically, these items stay in an archival setting, accessible only for people who already had the idea to go hunting for them. In Lindsey-Hall’s work, they come alive, as the gallery will be filled with replicas and reproductions of specific items that lesbians and queer women throughout the past decades possessed, whether that be everyday objects or treasured possessions. More →

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Performance Picks: Adult Sex Ed, Cinco de Star Wars, and More


(image courtesy of Shark Party Media)

Adult Sex Ed
Thursday, May 2 at Caveat, 9 pm: $15 advance, $20 doors

Think back to the sex education you received growing up, if you got any at all. Was it comprehensive, engaging, or useful? It’s more than likely the answer to all three of those is a resounding “no.” I’m not exactly sure how similar Dani Faith Leonard’s salacious storytelling show Adult Sex Ed is to a traditional educational experience, but it will certainly be more entertaining. Leonard assembles an evening that combines personal anecdotes, sketch comedy, and yes, real actual lessons on sexuality. Tonight’s show focuses on sex’s representation on television, and features Narcos actor Michael Stahl-David, The Romanoffs actor Mike Doyle, comedians Anita Flores and Ayanna Dookie, and more.

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Exploring China’s Jewish Community and More Art This Week

(image via Museum at Eldridge Street / Facebook)

Harbin, China | Past/Present
Opening Tuesday, April 30 at Museum at Eldridge Street, 6 pm to 8 pm. On view through October 4.

The Museum at Eldridge Street exists at the intersection of Manhattan neighborhoods with diverse cultural histories, and has always tried to honor that with events like their annual Egg Rolls, Egg Creams, and Empanadas Festival spotlighting Jewish, Chinese, and Puerto Rican foods and traditions. The museum’s latest exhibition has the same spirit, but takes viewers to a small city in northeast China called Harbin, where a community of Jewish immigrants flourished in the late 1890’s. The exhibition traces this community’s presence in Harbin over the decades alongside works by contemporary artist Steven Lane, who has worked in Harbin’s synagogues and often utilizes Chinese archival material in his work.

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An Abortion Musical That Leans Into The Weird

Brenson Thomas, Brett Ashley Robinson, Alice Yorke, Jaime Maseda, Katie Gould, Scott R Sheppard, and Lee Minora in THE APPOINTMENT (Photo: Oona Curley)

A popular tactic for those in support of abortion access is emphasizing that when a fetus is aborted, it is more akin to a small clump of cells than anything already living. But The Appointment, Alice Yorke and Lightning Rod Special’s musical about the American abortion debate now running at New York Theater Workshop Next Door, leans in the other direction. The show’s ensemble consists of a group of fetuses, complete with swinging umbilical cords, that couldn’t be more alive.

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Three Owls Market Wants To ‘Rethink What the Modern Deli Could Be’

(photo: Robert Bredvad)

“There’s nothing I love more than a market,” says Suzanne Dumaine. “Anytime I’m traveling you cannot keep me out of a marketplace.” This love has led the longtime recipe developer to open one of her own: Three Owls Market, a small and cozy new shop inside a former bodega on the west side of Manhattan, straddling the West Village and Meatpacking District, opening today. More →