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Adam Green Wants to Do a Papier-Mâché Remake of ‘Aladdin’ With Macaulay Culkin

Last night, Adam Green of the Moldy Peaches came together with other local artists and designers for the opening night of the Deep End Club, Tennessee Thomas’s new collaborative creative space and cool-kid hangout (and store!) next to a Repeat Performance.
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Brooklyn Gets a New Fake Neighborhood; Heartbeet Juicery Opens

wish it away into the cornfield

(Photo: beau-dog)

Heartbeet Juicery, which we told you about a few weeks ago, opened yesterday. Juice for everyone! [B+B]

So apparently the neighborhood where Bushwick and Bed-Stuy meet is called “Bedwick.” Will the neighborhood naming madness never end? [Curbed]

A LES resident recently launched Get Off My Bike Lane, in which he documents his tumultuous daily commute to and from Chelsea. [Lo Down]

CVS is coming to East Houston in a big way. [Bowery Boogie]

First Russ & Daughters and now Katz’s is publishing a book. [Zagat]

WSJ did a feature on everyone’s favorite open-air theater experience: Shakespeare in the Parking Lot [WSJ]

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No, Antler Isn’t a Taxidermy Bar — It’s a Beer and Wine Dispensary

With its old speakers and homey dark wood, Antler is meant to evoke a ’70s music studio. Which makes sense: proprietors Scott Garry and James Hendrick put in their share of studio time as bandmates in Possum and the Panther.

“This really started with: let’s bring our backgrounds into a place,” explained Garry, who has been bartending in Manhattan for over 13 years. It doesn’t hurt that the decor compliments Hill and Dale’s homage to the radio, a few doors down.
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How Much Is That Cat Sarcophagus in the Window? Ask Adam of The Moldy Peaches

(Photo: Anna Silman)

(Photo: Anna Silman)

You may have noticed something, erm, unusual in the window of the gallery/store/performance space hybrid that recently opened next to A Repeat Performance. The small storefront at First Ave., near East Ninth, now sports a giant “cat sarcophagus”: a life-sized papier-mâché monster whose multi-colored three-eyed visage looks rather like what might happen if Picasso and Dr. Seuss came together to teach a high-school art class.
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L Train Is Cutting Out Early; Driver in Sidewalk Wreck Pleads Not Guilty


(Photo: Phillip Kalantzis Cope)

So apparently the L train isn’t going to be running late-nights in August. Guess the whole “city that never sleeps” business doesn’t extend beyond the East River. Dammit. [Brokelyn]

Speaking of the L, The L Magazine named us “best new local blog” in their Best of Brooklyn issue (yep, shameless plug). Aww, thanks, guys! [The L]
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We Played Paparazzo And All We Got Was This Lousy Simon Pegg Photo

Simon Pegg, maybe (Photo: Anna Silman)

After yesterday’s Girls shoot, we were like, stalking celebrities is fun! But how could we keep it up with Girls all the way up in Gramercy today?

The answer came to us when we spotted a bunch of paparazzi milling around outside the Bowery Hotel this morning. We see these guys all the time, but we’ve never thought about getting in on the action. This time, however, we asked them who they were waiting for. Was it Yeezus? Hova? Or could it be Solange, fresh off her laundromat tour of Brooklyn?
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‘Girls’ Was Filming in a LES Gallery This Morning and Guess Who We Ran Into


Posing! (Photo: Anna Silman)

So, Girls was filming at the recently shuttered Bridge Gallery this morning and look! we were lucky enough to run into Lena Dunham, clad like a thrift-store pirate, just as she was leaving the set. When she kindly stopped for a picture, we were humbled to see that after two years in the paparazzi spotlight she still poses like she’s on a middle school field trip.
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