“18 & Stormy” by Richard Prince.

Are you into arts, crafts, or sharing primal screams with your fellow progressives? From now until Election Day you can go to Protest Factory and watch a crew of prominent writers and artists make protests signs. Among those who will be reading, speaking, and rallying are punk poet Richard Hell, photographers Nan Goldin and Ryan McGinley, musician and performance artist Kembra Pfahler, writers Michael Cunningham and Eileen Myles, and visual artists Marilyn Minter, Barbara Kruger and Laurie Simmons.
Protest Factory is run by Downtown for Democracy, a PAC first launched in 2003 to get artists and creatives into activism. The advisory committee includes a range of notable names, including writer Hilton Als and fashion designer Rachel Comey. The PAC does Get Out the Vote initiatives for people who don’t normally vote; it currently has a social media campaign aimed at women 18 to 30, and on Monday, they’ll be traveling to canvas in swing districts.
At Protest Factory, Downtown for Democracy will also be selling art and merch, with proceeds going to their grassroots and youth-voter initiatives. You can buy this Richard Prince poster, a facial photo composite of Stormy Daniels plus the 18 women who accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. Supreme also made a t-shirt version for release on November 1st.
“Living in New York in these times you feel helpless, because you’re not voting in the critical states,” said Michael Bullock, a writer and Protest Factory organizer who co-founded Downtown for Democracy. But, he said, that’s changing. “Now you can show how passionate you are on social media. For the first time, the infrastructure is such that something in New York that shows all these people who have influence does have ripple effects.”
Protest Factory is happening in the Jeffrey Deitch gallery at 18 Wooster Street from Wednesday, October 31 through Monday, November 5. Others who will participate in readings and conversations include Alia Malek, Natasha Lennard, Luc Sante, A.M. Homes, and Jee Leong Koh. Here’s a look at the schedule.

 6-8pm: Protest art and sin making by Marilyn Minter and Chris Udemuzue
T-shirt debut by Richard Hell, Barbara Kruger, and Richard Prince + Supreme
Richard Hell Signing
Polaroid Portraits by Ryan McGinley
 1PM: “Civics Class” by Robert Slifkin
3-6pm: Protest art and sign making by Marilyn Minter, Cecily Brown, Katherine Bernhardt, and Amy Sillman
6PM: Readings by Michael Cunningham, Alia Makek, and Eileen Myles
7pm: Alison Gingeras and Alexandra Pelosi discussing Pelosi’s new HBO film, Outside The Bubble.
3-6pm: Protest art and sign making by Marilyn Minter, David Cher, Mark Hundley, and Sam Moyer
6pm: Readings by Aracellis Girmay, Nuar Alsadir, and Gina Apostol
7pm: Nan Goldin and Chris Glazek in conversation moderated by Andrew Durbin
3-6pm: Protest art and sign making by Guy Richards Smit, Wolfy Part II & Invisible Hand Press, Kembra Pfhaler, and Viva Ruiz
4pm: Readings by Je Leong Koh, Jessica Hagedorn, and Natasha Lennard
5:30pm: Readings by Luc Sante, Calvin Baker, and JoAnn Wpijewski
7pm: Women, Art, and Activism Conversation with Marlene McCarty, Marilyn Minter, viva Ruiz, and Xaviera Simmons
1-6pm: Protest art and sign making by Raul de Neives, Sophie Naess, EJ Hauser, Michael Berryhill, Wendy White, Karl Choldnoky, Maria Caladra, and Erik den Breeken plus- Portraits by Laurie Simmons
4pm: Readings by Darryl Pinckney, Zia Jaffrey and Kerry Arsenault
5:30pm: Readings by A.M. Homes, Jeanne Thornton, And Suzanne Gardinier
7PM: Jonathan Horowitz’s Gun Control Grades Presentation with John Guwiler of Gays Against Guns, And Peter McGough Moderated by Carl Swanson
All Day Protest art and sign making by Marilyn Minter
6pm: Readings by John Keene, Andrew Durbin and Lynn Tillman

Correction: An earlier version of this post misstated that the sign making would be interactive.