Spa Castle's Premier 57, not your grandmother's hot tub gardens (Photo via Spa Castle / Facebook)

Spa Castle’s Premier 57, not your grandmother’s hot tub gardens (Photo via Spa Castle / Facebook)

Not since the jacuzzi at Plato’s Retreat has Manhattan seen an aquatic playground like Spa Castle Premier 57. When we checked out the beloved Queens spa’s seven-month-old Midtown offshoot a little while back, there was no shortage of cavortage in the hydrotherapy pool. So what if the backsplash from everyone’s water-jet massages was landing in our champers flute — we’re all friends here. But one thing did put a damper on this waterworld: there was no rooftop pool a la College Park location.

That just changed. This past weekend, Spa Castle Premier’s rooftop hydrotherapy pools roared into action, offering New York’s bathing elite (and peons with LivingSocial coupons) a sick view of the Citigroup tower and neighboring skyscrapers. (The update is also symbolic of Spa Castle’s victory over the Health Department– the city agency shut down the Premier 57 location this time last year, when the spa was found to be operating without the proper permits. It was a time of heightened scrutiny for the company, after a dead body was found to be floating around in one of the Queens locations’ rooftop hot tubs.)

On its website, Spa Castle promises its new rooftop will “mesmerize you” with a “function tub” that massages your back and thighs with powerful water jets, and a 102-degree “hot event tub” in which hot events are sure to occur. Or maybe those are reserved for the three bubbling, aromatherapeutic “couple’s tubs,” which are all about “targeting your sensory organs.” Either way, it’s getting hot in here! But don’t take off all your clothes — that is reserved for the traditional Korean baths downstairs.