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Book Launch and Reading: “Really Professional Internet Person”

51ULwmB0skL._SX386_BO1,204,203,200_Sure, making home videos of yourself—and getting a nice paycheck for it when you’re only in high school—sounds like a pretty sweet gig, but what does it take to be a Really Professional Internet Person? She might be only 19, but famous YouTuber Jenn McAllister, aka JennxPenn, is uniquely qualified to tell you. In her new insider’s guide she gives tips for building a successful channel and also divulges some personal info about what it’s like to experience insta-fame while surviving high school. The book features top ten lists, photos, screenshots, social media posts and never-before-posted stories about her transition from shy middle schooler to teen sensation.

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What Marnie From Girls Might Talk About at the Apple Store Tonight

Is Marnie Michaels embracing her unsolicited Internet fame? Tonight at 6 p.m. Girls star Allison Williams will be at Soho’s Apple Store to promote season three. On everyone’s mind: Marnie’s music video, which debuted in Sunday’s episode. If we know Marnie Marie Michaels, she’ll be giving some sort of small-scale TED Talk. A title has not been announced, but we took a few guesses.
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