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Chinatown Group Rallies Against Development; Preview Domino Factory’s Office Space

Protestors from the Chinatown Working Group assembled Wednesday at City Hall to call for Mayor de Blasio’s resignation over his failure to save enclaves of low-income housing in Chinatown and on the Lower East Side. [DNA Info]

Wyckoff Avenue coffee shop Fair Weather Bushwick recently shuttered after a three year run. [Bushwick Daily]

Preview The Refinery, a forthcoming office space coming to the former Domino Sugar Factory site in 2018. [Curbed NY] Keep Reading »

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How Williamsburg Airbnb Hosts Are Dealing With the New Law Against Home Sharing

17-airbnb-logo.w245.h368.2x1As you surely know by now if you rent out your apartment through Airbnb—whether you’re a working stiff making a few extra bucks each month to cover your rent or an enterprising bartender making $45,000 a year pimping out your friends’ pads—the jig is just about up. A new state law threatens to push many users out of the short-term rental business, so Bedford + Bowery asked several Airbnb hosts from the home sharing hub of Williamsburg how they plan to deal with the new regulation. Keep Reading »

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Week in Film: See the Stooges Have a Real Cool Time and Get Shrieked at a Spooky Film Streak

Gimme Danger
Friday October 28 through Thursday November 3 at IFC Center: $14.50

I’m hoping at least a few of you out there, like me, are cursed/blessed by a bizarro Pavlovian response to the words “No Fun”– whenever they’re uttered, even in passing, you immediately drop whatever or whoever you’re doing, wherever you may be, and start thrashing around like a seahorse at the tail end of his week-long soak in a Benzedrine bath.

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Secret Service Grills Williamsburg Bargoer; East Village Building Gets $28M

Saturday afternoon, a 28-year-old U.S. history teacher was removed from Roebling Sporting Club by police after making a Donald Trump joke. [Gothamist]

A business management consultant group paid $28 million for seven stories of an East Village residence located on E. 2nd Street. [The Real Deal]

Williamsburg’s Q59 bus route will undergo changes beginning next month. [DNA Info] Keep Reading »

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Gig Alert: Identity Tripping with Pujol, Testing the Limits of Adorable

(Image via Baby's All Right)

(Image via Baby’s All Right)

Hinds, Cold Fronts, Navy Gangs
Friday October 30, 7 pm at Baby’s All Right: $20

I’m just as averse to the term “girl band” as the next girl, but for some reason I can’t resist calling Hinds, an indie rock outfit rolling into town this week from Madrid, a babe band. Before anyone gets all riled up and loses their breakfast sandwich over the label, remember that “babe” is a gender-neutral term and, secondly, a person can qualify as a babe for a number of reasons.

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Going, Going, Gone! Last Chance to Hit These Outdoor Markets

Hester Street Fair.

Hester Street Fair.

Halloween weekend is upon us, boo. The good news: There are a slew of parties on the horizon. The bad news: After this weekend the city freezes over and Santacon (ugh, Santacon in Williamsburg?) is what passes for outdoor activity. But don’t fret: The city’s biggest outdoor markets are busting out the folding tables and beer kegs one last time this weekend. Hit ’em up before they hibernate.

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SantaCon Comes to Williamsburg; Property Theft Up in Bushwick

Police say a 24-year-old woman was followed into her Williamsburg apartment building Monday morning by a man who flashed her and began masturbating in an elevator. [DNA Info]

This year, Bushwick has seen a 15 percent increase in grand larcenies (thefts of property worth $1K+). [DNA Info]

McCarren Hotel & Pool in Williamsburg was recently purchased by investors for $22 million. [The Real Deal] Keep Reading »

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Queer Punk Duo PWR BTTM Is Here to Put Your Halloween Costume Together


Done up in the kind of dresses you envy and makeup looks that take years of practice to achieve, Liv Bruce and Ben Hopkins are everything punk has been craving, but they’ll be the first to tell you their success was an accident. The duo met while attending Bard College and went on to form Brooklyn phenomenon PWR BTTM, your new favorite queer punk band if they aren’t already.

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Vice Media Expands in Dumbo; Anthony Bourdain Signs at B&N

Vice Media is on the move again; its creative advertising agency, Carrot Creative, is taking new office space in Dumbo. [Curbed NY]

A real estate firm paid $15.5 million for Ludlow Street’s Comfort Inn. [The Real Deal]

Residents of 43 Essex Street now have cooking gas after more than a year without it. [Bowery Boogie] Keep Reading »

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Near Future in Film: Lambchop’s Under There and Trumplandia

Yeah, he still doesn't comb his hair (Film still from "Michael Moore Goes to Trumpland")

Yeah, he still doesn’t comb his hair (Film still from “Michael Moore in Trumpland”)

Michael Moore in Trumpland
Monday October 24 through Thursday October 27 at IFC Center: $14

Yeah, yeah we know, Michael Moore is… well, he’s Michael Moore. His particular way of showing outrage feels almost obsolete by now, a bit like a relic of the Bush ere, or worse– like an old white dude who insists on putting himself at the center of his films for some reason that seems to have disintegrated long ago. For his latest film, you might expect that Moore has aimed his camera squarely at “Trumpland” aka underemployed, undereducated white men in flyover America. But that’s not the case at all, actually.

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Overthrow Boxing Gym Takes Over Trash Bar; Missing Model Located

Two cousins of Kendel Felix—the man who was recently found guilty of the 2014 murder of Williamsburg landlord Menachem Stark—were taken into custody Thursday for charges related to the case. [NY Daily News]

Shaun Martin, the driver who was convicted of killing a florist under the influence of drugs and alcohol when he crashed his car into East Village Farm in July 2013, will be sentenced on November 4. [NY Daily News]

A missing Mexican model, 20, was located at Bellevue Hospital uninjured after she was last seen leaving a Bushwick loft on October 16. [DNA Info] Keep Reading »

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City’s Best Niche Museums; Coffee Shop Charges By the Minute

East Village resident Adrian Gilboe, who opened Wandering Dragon Trading Co. in the 90s—the predecessor to Obscura Antiques & Oddities—died last month at the age of 59. [EV Grieve]

Greenpoint Hill, a gallery that also sells ceramics and jewelry, officially opened yesterday on Freeman Street. [Greenpointers]

A rumor is circulating that Shake Shack might replace Pearl Paint, a former Canal Street institution. [Tribeca Citizen] Keep Reading »