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Spread Your Creative Wings: Two Fly Chances to Have Your Art Seen in the EV

Ideal Glass mural "Every Mother's Son" by Sophia Dawson, featuring portraits of mothers who have lost children by way of police brutality. (image via Sam Jablon)

Ideal Glass mural “Every Mother’s Son” by Sophia Dawson, featuring portraits of mothers who have lost children by way of police brutality. (Image courtesy of Ideal Glass)

Whatever medium you work in, it’s hard to be an artist. Barely anyone pays attention to anything you do, so keeping self-motivated can be tricky when you’re consistently weary from day jobs, keeping track of your 1099s and W9s, and closing down that bar you performed at to ensure you grip that sparse handful of wrinkly cash you so rightfully deserve. In the midst of all this noise, it’s easy for all those half-baked ideas to slip into some dark, far-away box at the back of your mind, and potentially never see the light of day.

Luckily, there are some folks out there who are willing to nudge you in the direction of productivity. Here are two upcoming opportunities to inspire artists, both visual and performance types, to get out there and do their thing.

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Music: Beats Delight, Vol. 2


Well, gee whiz– this sounds fun: “Beats Delight is a new monthly multi-dimensional experience held at Williamsburg’s Cameo Gallery.” The events feature smooth jams from live acts and DJs, visual projections, and paintings. Too bad the longstanding DIY venue will close at the end of November, essentially ending the history of DIY in Williamsburg. Well, there’s a new DIY comedy space here, at least… The point being, gobble up the last of the non-corporate music scene here while you still can and soak up some R&B, smooth beats, and chill wave hip-hop at the same time. Featuring Ateller and Adesuwa.

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Christopher Stout Gallery Opens With a Show Focused on ‘Queer Hate Crime’

"Shepard" at Christopher Stout Gallery

“Shepard” at Christopher Stout Gallery

Christopher Stout, founder of Bushwick Art Crit Group, has just opened his gallery in the disputed territory of East Williamsburg, the realization of plans we first heard about in early September. I had a chance to check the place out on Friday, and found that Stout is already keeping good on his pledge to show “subversive art.” The centerpiece of the gallery’s inaugural show, Shepard by Phoenix Lindsey-Hall, is a massive, meticulously crafted porcelain replica of the iconic fence Matthew Shepard (the victim of a notorious hate crime) was bound to before he was tortured and left for dead back in 1998. Not easy-to-swallow material, to say the least.

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