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Week in Live Music: Last Punk Bits Before the Big Fest and Thank Heavens For Indie That’s… Different

1545169_10152483347651706_2017354149556436323_nWelcome to another end of the work week. You’re probably busy eyes-locked on the clock counting down the seconds until you can sprint out the door, straight into the nearest bodega, and pop the cap off your brown bag to bliss. Too busy to look for what the hell you’re gonna do with your ears tonight. Lucky for you we have a few stellar options lined up for tonight and beyond. We have a tiny dose of punk for you, but we’re holding the Big Gulp until next week, so get ready. In the meantime, step outside of the only genre that matters for a few minutes and you know, expand your mind.

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CBGB? CMJ? OMG! Your Guide to The Acronym Invasion

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In the coming weeks a flurry of acronyms approacheth the city as CMJ and the CBGB music festival make landfall. Both apparently used to stand for something cool. It’s safe to open your ears now, because we promise our picks have developed a special antibody rendering them resistant to a case of the lames which develops in conjunction with Apple collaborations and/or the advanced stage of Music Industrial Complex infection.
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