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Music: Total Control, Lust for Youth, Sannhet, Flesh World

Flesh World has that slightly haunting but garage-guitar rock thing down pat. And according to their tour schedule, it looks like  Lust for Youth, the Brooklyn post-punk band that appears to be following in the very same arc as post-Ian Curtis new wave, is popping back over to America for a quick break before heading back to Europe for the fall. Sannhet are purveyors of a strangely softer sort of metal, one with the soaring, classically attuned lift-offs to be expected of the genre and the requisite shredding, but it’s all done in a manner that might be confused for gentle at times. Gaze at these dudes and wonder how they achieve a muted delicacy still backed by a sense of anticipation, that feeling of looking over the edge of a cliff, or something similar.

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Shows: Gaze at Synth-Psych Legends and Dance to the Sound of Crack Recovery


We’ve got quite a week in music ahead of us, with no shortage of neuron-twisting, brain ‘sploding variety. A week in shows wouldn’t be the same without that post-punk sound that’s so very now. This time around, two (very different) bands of this persuasion are sharing a bill as well as a genre, demonstrating these constraints are as fluid as their riffs. But best of all, a legendary psych band that perhaps you took for extinct will light up the stage at one of our favorite lil’ DIY venues. Hope that’s enough flavor to get you scrolling.

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