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Cole Escola, Sloppy Shakespeare, and More Performance Picks


(image via Sanina Leilani / Facebook)

Glow Up!: An All POC Variety Show
Thursday, August 16 at Starr Bar, 8:45 pm: $10 advance, $15 doors

Queer drag performers Noctua and C’ètait BonTemps host this variety show featuring exclusively artists of color. If you’ve been posting on social media about how bad white supremacy in America is lately, attending would be a good way to put your money where your mouth is and support a show where the lineup, hosts, and producers are all people of color. And what can you expect out of the night? The lineup isn’t too packed with people, but the ones they do have really pack a punch: burlesque performer Miss Sugar Mamasota, soulful singer Cherry, drag and music artist Laé D. Boi, and Texas-based pole and burlesque performer Black Orchid. Keep Reading »

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Talking Mafia Ghosts And Specters of the Lower East Side With Owners Of The Keep

(Photo: Nicole Disser)

Diego and Stephanie Castillo, owners of The Keep. (Photo: Nicole Disser)

Walking into The Keep, a newish bar that straddles the Bushwick / Ridgewood border, can be something of a dizzying experience at first. There’s so, so much to look at– a thick layer of stuff permeates every corner, every surface, and the place is packed with antiques, taxidermy, tchotchkes, and trinkets from throughout all of eternity and all over the world. At times, it seems like these objects might swallow you whole, but after a few minutes the eyes adjust to the stimulation overload and you realize you’re not in an antique shop chock full of a random assortment of things only there because they could potentially sell, but in a bar filled with objects that are beloved and have been carefully, thoughtfully placed in their home. For Stephanie and Diego Castillo, the bar’s owners, many of these objects are steeped in history and hold a certain power.

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