The Invisibles

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The Invisibles at the Margaret Mead Film Festival

Probably the most of-the-moment film at this anthropology-themed festival happening at the American Museum of Natural History is Die Unsichtbaren (The Invisibles, Friday Oct. 23, 7:30 pm), a 2014 German documentary about the growing immigration crisis in Europe that has clearly only become more extreme since filming wrapped. The doc focuses on a handful of undocumented migrants from a variety of conflict zones after they arrive in a small town in Germany, just across the border from Poland and face what seems like an interminable waiting game to see whether they will be granted asylum or sent back.

Read more about the film fest and watch a trailer for The Invisibles here.

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Week in Film: An Iggy Pop Cameo and the Artist Who Wowed Los Angelinos With 100 Mules

Let it be known this is your last week to get in anything besides horror films y’all, so listen up. We’ve got an anthropology-themed film fest, a drug-fueled road trip romance, mule-inspired capitalist critique, and ha woops– a horror marathon. Enjoy!

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