If you’re paying attention to anything right now beyond your piña colada, first of all, stop, but second of all we’re guessing you’re also sensing there’s a shakeup coming our way real soon. Election-talk is starting to dominate the airwaves, and legislative sessions are coming to an end with groundbreaking decisions like Albany’s approval of the wood frog as our state amphibian (finally!). But let’s set all that aside for a moment, because soon enough we’re going to be treated to a wildly entertaining mud-slinging contest and lucky for us, we have an unprecedented cast of totally insane characters who are willing to do horrible things to one another to win the crown. Before we’re spoiled by such comedy, take time to reflect on the tumultuous life of a figure whose ideals matter now maybe more than ever, and reserve your right to gawk at the banality of the human condition– it’ll make you feel a little bit better about this disappointing world, maybe.

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