March Is Punk Month: Paintings By The Fifth Ramone, and Which Johnny Rotten Memoir Are You?

(The Strand)

(The Strand)

Buzzfeed’s Books Editor will be on hand at Johnny Rotten’s talk April 30 about his latest memoir, Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored. We’re hoping the discussion will lend itself to a more accurate “Which Punk Icon Are You?” quiz because I haven’t quite gotten over finding out I’m more Kathleen Hannah than John Lydon. But if you’re simply hoping to see if Mr. Rotten can top his excellent 1994 memoir, Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs, head to the Strand bookstore on April 30.

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War, Marxism, Nannies and Crime: Serious Stuff at This Week’s Talks and Walks

If the fun and frippery of summer are wearing you out already, explore a darker side of life at these readings, talks, and historical walks.

Tuesday, June 17

syrian copy

The Syrian Refugee Crisis with Diego Cupolo and Rahawa Haile
Photojournalist Diego Cupolo has documented sinister environments and the tough lives lived in them from Bushwick to Montevideo. Tonight at WORD, he discusses his recently released book, Seven Syrians: War Accounts From Syrian Refugees. Cupolo painstakingly records the lives of survivors of the current conflict, combining text and photos into a series of compelling portraits. He’ll be in discussion with Brooklyn-based writer/essayist Rahawa Haile.
WORD Bookstore (126 Franklin St), Greenpoint. 7pm. Free. Facebook RSVP encouraged.
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