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Sexting Festival, French Star’s Rare Show, and More Art to See

(image courtesy of Cooler Gallery)

Opening Tuesday April 4 at Cooler Gallery, 7 pm to 10 pm. On view through April 22.

Camilla Engström has had an interesting history for an artist. Born in Sweden, she swiftly relocated to Shanghai to work full-time as a model, and then made her way to New York to study fashion at FIT. However, she left to focus on her art, a familiar story that surely many can relate to. Now, she exhibits her multidisciplinary work around the city, and will be bringing a series of paintings and more to Cooler Gallery, a unique space nestled a stone’s throw from the Navy Yard.

This show is new territory for her, in a way. Her practice, the gallery states, typically revolves around a Swedish cartoon Engström created named Husa, a smiling femme figure with a curvy belly. This show will feature more landscape-driven works, but ones that still retain the dreamy, playful, Candyland-esque quality of Husa. There will not just be paintings on view, but also sculptural pieces that reflect particular elements of the paintings, bringing a multi-dimensional quality to it all. Keep Reading »

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All Right! Bob’s Burgers Tribute Art Show Is an Animated Hit

Rezatron, "The Real Belcher Family." (image courtesy of Spoke Art)

Rezatron, “The Real Belcher Family.” (image courtesy of Spoke Art)

Last week, hundreds swarmed a Lower East Side gallery. They diligently lined up to see Bob, Linda, Louise, Tina, Gene, and others from beloved animated series Bob’s Burgers, immortalized within 75 works of art. Inside, the air was warm with bodies and beef (sliders were served all evening courtesy of Bareburger) and a certain delight pervaded the space. The gallery’s back wall was transformed into a life-size version of Bob Belcher’s animated restaurant counter, complete with actual ketchup and mustard bottles.

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Here’s What You Missed at the Twee-rific Wes Anderson Art Show

Casey Weldon "Margot, Margot, Margot" (photo: Rob Scher)

Margot’s mascara-laden stare hit me from every angle of the Joseph Gross Gallery last night. Maybe it’s because we’re in New York – home of the Tenenbaums – that Gwyneth Paltrow’s doe-eyed enfant terrible is the face of this weekend’s sixth annual “Bad Dads” pop-up exhibit hosted by Spoke Art. Although, perhaps the more pertinent question is, why have there already been five Wes Anderson-inspired art exhibits to begin with?

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