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Sit and Spin: FlyWheel Comes to 51 Astor and NYU Finally Squashes Coles

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

And there she is: on the heels of Chopt’s opening at 51 Astor this week, signage has gone up indicating that next month, Flywheel will move into the sleek new office building next month. New York City! Sinning is out and spinning is in.

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Sweat Winter Away With 6 Workouts That Aren’t Exactly Routine

Class at Exile Professional Gym (Photo: Kristen O'Regan)

Class at Exile Professional Gym (Photo: Kristen O’Regan)

Just about the only thing this long winter was good for was helping us catch up on our favorite TV shows while developing a healthy donut addiction. But now that spring is in the air, the day will soon come where we can put away the Canada Goose and get off the couch. Rather than joining the legions at the chain gyms that are spreading across the city like the plague, here are six fun, physical ways to enjoy the city, get back in shape, and celebrate our newfound freedom from winter’s icy claws.

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As Boot Camps Replace Bohemia, New Yorkers Are Thinking Inside the Box


Not long ago, wild-child ex-con and party boy of yore Michael Alig took a tumble off a Planet Fitness treadmill. Where East Village chic was once all about falling off the wagon, it’s now de rigeur to fall from exercise equipment.
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