First Look: Smorgasburg’s Schnitz Opens Its East Village Sando Shop This Weekend


Donna and Yoni Erlich (Photos: Jenna Marotta)

Schnitz interior 2Spiegel isn’t the only East Village newcomer that’ll soon be serving schnitzel. Yoni Erlich, 27, is aiming to open Schnitz this Friday with his sister, Donna, 28. And they’ve got big plans for the those pounded, breaded and fried cutlets.

“Schnitzel’s kind of like falafel 20 years ago — it was there, but people didn’t really know about it,” said Yoni. ”We thought, ‘Why can’t schnitzel be the next falafal? Or the next meatball?’”
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Hester Street Fair Is Opening a Cafe in the New Museum

The corner of Bowery and Houston is about to become the cornucopia of Bowery and Houston. Just steps from the Whole Foods that hosts Brooklyn Flea’s Smorgasburg, the Flea’s Manhattan counterpart, the Hester Street Fair, is teaming up with the New Museum to open the Hester Street Cafe.
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Do We Even Have to Tell You Today’s Ramen Burger Line Was Absurd?

ramen burger line

(Courtesy: Ramen Burger’s Instagram)

There’s an old saying: when a dog bites a man, that is not news. But when a man bites a ramen burger, that is news.

Not that this is surprising at all: lots-o-people lined up for Ramen Burger’s second week at Smorgasburg. In fact, Eater spotted folks hunkered down in an empty lot around 8 a.m., three hours before the batch of 360 burgers even went up for sale. People, please – it’s not like this is free fried chicken.
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It’s Happening: The Ramen Burger is Returning to Smorgasburg

(Courtesy Ramen Burger)

(Courtesy Ramen Burger)

When Ramen Burger sold out of 150 fried-noodle burgers at Smorgasburg last week, it was uncertain if they’d return, or if it would be the sort of once-in-a-lifetime debacle, like the Stones at Altamont, that we’d be telling our incredulous kids about years from now. But Keizo Shimamoto just made it official: they’ll be back Saturday and they’ll be doling out twice as many burgers — which means the line will be ten times as long.

If you go and you bring a book, remember to support your local bookstore, lest it become a ramen-burger takeout joint.

The Ramen Burger Line Was ‘Redonk,’ and Someone Made an Umami Cronut Burger

Some days ago Williamsburger Matthew Schonfeld got up at 5:30 a.m. to wait in line for a cronut, and then he jumped in the line at the new Umami Burger to create the “Umami cronut burger”!

Maybe it would’ve been the “hypebeast Frankenfood of the decade” had the Ramen Burger not debuted at Smorgasburg this Saturday. As you can see in the above video, the line for Keizo Shimamoto’s burger between fried-noodle buns was “redonk” even though it was raining. (And this wasn’t the type of rain New Yorkers normally line up for).
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Hopin’ for Ethiopian? With These New Options, You’re in Luck

Lunch at Bunna Cafe. (Photo: Lauren Carol Smith)

Lunch at Bunna Cafe. (Photo: Lauren Carol Smith)

Ethiopian food is getting a lot easier to come by in the Bedford + Bowery domain. Two weeks ago, Bunna Cafe took up permanent lunchtime residence at Mama Joy’s bar in Bushwick, and on Saturday it’ll join the lineup at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg. Not only that: the East Village is getting an Ethiopian bistro as well.
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Rockaway Rundown: Bluth-Style Frozen Bananas Coming to 97th Street (+ More)

Bolivian Llama Party getting ready to Rock. (Photo: BLP's Instagram)

Bolivian Llama Party getting ready to Rock. (Photo: BLP’s Instagram)

Earlier this week we noted that Caracas had reopened in Rockaway with a new sidekick at its Beach 106th Street concession stand.

Now a Parks Department spokesperson confirms that Rockaway Taco won’t be doing flautas at the 97th Street stand this year. But these places will be back by tomorrow (in fact, they’re opening today, according to this tweet from Motorboat and the Big Banana).
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The Great Brisket Race: Can You Beat the Mighty Quinn’s Line By Crossing the River?

The weekend is almost upon us, which means it’ll soon be time to hit Smorgasburg for some Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque. Except for one thing: the line, always the line! It’s safe to say Mighty Quinn’s is the Shake Shack of Williamsburg. In fact, we’ve often found ourselves queuing for ‘que at East River Park and wondering if it’d be quicker to just hop on the L and get a brisket sandwich from the East Village location.

One day, we actually decided to find out, by donning some power-walking gear and challenging a hapless soul at the end of the line to a race. A race for brisket. Watch our video to see who got fed first.