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Club Etiquette Zine Calls Out Dweebs and Creeps on the Scene

Club Etiquette Vol. 3

Club Etiquette Vol. 3

Whether it’s because of excessive boozing and very often drugging, lowered inhibitions or cover of night, maybe even social expectations or bro-on-bro insanity, the list goes on– people can act like total shitheads at shows, dance parties, clubs, and bars.

Anuradha Golder knows this. She’s been partying for “a while now,” she laughed. “And I always thought, how can I make this better? How can I make this experience more enjoyable for myself?” Her zine, Club Etiquette, aims to answer those questions. Issue No. 3, which dropped in October, looks specifically at sexual harassment. “I understood the zine was eventually going to comment on bigger issues, but it got there pretty quickly,” Anuradha explained.

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‘The Hottest Love Letter’: A Very Private Moment at The Public

All week, we’re bringing you a series of deep dives into the surprising histories of storied addresses. Back to our usual after the New Year.

The Astor Library's exterior in 1875 (Source: Manuscripts and Archives Division, NYPL)

The Astor Library’s exterior in 1875 (Source: Manuscripts and Archives Division, NYPL)

“Incidentally,” Alice Broadbent recalls at age 92, “one of these page boys wrote me the hottest love letter I’d ever received.”
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