It’s official now, right? We’ve entered the season of sweat. We’re all gonna smell like crap from here until depression, and shows are the perfect bacteria-breeding, lust-filled eco-chambers for housing all those fun city smells under one decrepit roof. Unless you’re so lucky as to find yourself a backyard show, or better yet a backyard show series like the one happening at Union Pool, get ready for seriously noxious fumes. But just imagine, with Summer Thunder you’ll be able to get rowdy in the heat of a summer show and be able to breathe. They don’t say Union Pool is the straight man’s cruising heaven for nothing. We’ll keep an eye out for more open-air music happenings, but until then, when heading to your neighborhood DIY dungeon, don’t forget to break out the kerchiefs, patchouli, or even a plague mask if you can swing it, you’re gonna need em.

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