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Photos + Video: The Idiotarod’s Wild, Wacky Run Through Brooklyn


(Photo: Scott Lynch)

For eleven years now teams of be-costumed Idiots have gone out in the middle of winter, grabbed hold of their tricked-out shopping cart, and gone tearing through the streets of Brooklyn in a manic, often-drunken race for fame, glory, cool-looking trophies and, just maybe, a handful of cold, hard cash.
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Now You Can Eat Ramen Burgers With 20 Of Your Closest Friends, at Berg’n

Inside Berg'n, Smorgasburg's latest endeavor. (Photo: Nicole Disser)

Inside Berg’n, Smorgasburg’s latest endeavor. (Photo: Nicole Disser)

The grand opening of Berg’n is finally upon us. This Wednesday, Smorgasburg welcomes guests to its new Crown Heights beer garden and food court.
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NY1’s Roger Clark Is In a Band, and Pat Kiernan Is One of His Groupies

Courtesy of the band

Courtesy of Perp Walk

While reporting from remote locations for NY1, Roger Clark has sung Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” and shredded on the air guitar for a solid minute of live television. For the past decade, viewers of his feature stories have come to know Clark as a loveable dork with rock star reveries. But he really does have a bit of musical street cred. Clark and co-worker Bunny Hirsch play monthly gigs as Perp Walk, a drum/bass duo with songs like “Tranny Man” and “Stench In My Kitchen.” They’re jamming tonight at Hank’s Saloon and then again in March at The Way Station, as part of a Lou Reed tribute.
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