Prophet’s Prey

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Film: Prophet’s Prey

Yeah it’s pretty twisted, but stories about polygamy are always gripping. And the documentary Prophet’s Prey,  about the corrupt leadership of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is no exception. The documentary centers on Warren Jeffs, a guy who fashioned himself a prophet and led a polygamist sect on two compounds, one located in a remote part of Arizona and another in Utah.

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Week in Film: Hobo Graffiti and a Movie Fest for the Old School Freaks

Don’t even think about having something better to do than checking out a movie this weekend and beyond. We’ve got some great stuff right here including a totally creepy documentary about notorious polygamist Warren Jeffs, a Coney Island-based film festival for the freaks, and this fascinating looking doc (see the trailer above) about train hoppers and their mysterious hieroglyphs.

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