Pollen Rx

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Music: Chimes, Pollen Rx, Side A Side B, Crazy Pills, Granny

The bill’s mostly familiar plus one touring act, but the sounds are complimentary in that they’re all essentially made up of that ooey gooey good stuff, a garage-pop-indie happiness-inducing rock n’ roll plasma, the stuff that keeps you hydrated this time of year when otherwise you might find yourself listening to nothing but chill wave and New Age. Pollen Rx are joining us from Austin, with that penchant for wide-eyed bright strings that could only be plucked with such fervor by someone living under bright sun rays all year round. Also get excited for Chimes‘ brand of burnt-out, blasé, sun-blistered psych-rock.

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Shows: Gaze at Synth-Psych Legends and Dance to the Sound of Crack Recovery


We’ve got quite a week in music ahead of us, with no shortage of neuron-twisting, brain ‘sploding variety. A week in shows wouldn’t be the same without that post-punk sound that’s so very now. This time around, two (very different) bands of this persuasion are sharing a bill as well as a genre, demonstrating these constraints are as fluid as their riffs. But best of all, a legendary psych band that perhaps you took for extinct will light up the stage at one of our favorite lil’ DIY venues. Hope that’s enough flavor to get you scrolling.

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