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The Party by Ostbahnhof, Part Deux

(Flyer via Party by Ostbahnhof)

(Flyer via Party by Ostbahnhof)

If there’s a better way to start a party than watching a Captain America-themed burlesque performance that ends in Deity Delgado throwing money everywhere, quickly followed by a smoldering Japanese bondage demonstration, then count me in. But even if you missed the first Party by Ostbahnhof at Verboten last week, rest assured because you’re likely to at least match that experience at the second iteration. The circuit party, founded by Derek Marshall– owner of underground queer hotspot The Club in Kreuzberg (the Bushwick of Berlin)– brings a premium slice of Berlin’s alt-drag scene to Williamsburg as well as top DJs and artists from the hipper-than-hell German city, plus a slew of local performers for a seriously raucous party time.

Trash drag queen Olympia Bukkakis returns, but look for newcomers including Lonshi, a New York-based musician who will perform a “progressive-tech DJ set,” and Blaenk Minds from Berlin, a multi-media duo that will present a tripped-out, live DJ/VJ performance. Don’t miss the $15 ticket pre-sale.

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Berlin Drag Scene Back in Williamsburg, Party by Ostbahnhof to Rage On

Marcus Likesit and Audrey Ropeburn at the first Party by Ostbahnhof (Photo by Nicole Disser)

(Photo by Nicole Disser)

I had high expectations when the Party by Ostbahnhof, the performance-centric circuit rager inspired by Berlin’s “trash drag” scene, kicked off in December at Verboten. Derek Marshall, ex-pat owner of The Club in Kreuzberg, was infectiously giddy upon his return to the States. And the Party was bound to be a hit if it was any bit as raucous as Olympia Bukkakis, a regular drag performer at Marshall’s underground hot spot for the arty queer scene in the Bushwick of Berlin. Which is why I’m not at all surprised to see the Party’s return to Verboten on January 15.

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Berlin’s ‘Trash Drag’ Scene Invades Brooklyn Tonight

From left, Taylor

From left, Taylor di Pasquale (aka Olympia kkakkkakis) and Derek Marshall (Photo by Nicole Disser)

“It resonated with me, completely,” said Derek Marshall, owner of the underground queer bar The Club. He was recalling the first time he’d seen his friend Taylor di Pasquale perform as his “trash drag” persona, Olympia Bukkakis. “Here is this person who gets up there and is in a position of great power, but decides to empower people with collective weirdness– by telling your own, authentic story it normalizes the experience of everyone else who’s in the audience.” Keep Reading »