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KafkaRotica at KGB Bar

KafkaRotica has been described as “the three-way love child of Franz Kafka, Christian Grey, and Regina Spektor,” by the site’s creator H.P. Xachariah. Conceived as a ‘home for erotica that doesn’t suck,’ Xachariah and friends pen parody erotica in the style of classic authors. Their tagline? “Cum for the parody porn, stay for the erotic diction.” If you prefer to experience erotica in a crowded environment, join members of the team for an evening of sexual intercourse-focused musical-comedy at KGB Bar.

Watch The Love Ways Shotgun (and Then Golf-Club) Some Beers in ‘Avalanche Kids’

Indie rockers The Love Ways have been working on their second EP, Vacant Years, for nearly a year. They released their first one, Every Night, in May of 2013; this time around, the quintet worked with sought-after producer Kevin McMahaon, the man behind the curtain for Brooklyn-based Titus Andronicus, Real Estate, et. al.
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Kelis, Biz Markie, and More Throwbacks in Our Live Music Round-Up

Welcome to Good Shows. Here’s what’s good in live music this week.

When you think of Kelis, chances are “Milkshake” (the video for which was shot at Relish diner — now La Esquina — in Williamsburg) is the first thing that comes to mind. (You’re welcome. That’ll be stuck in your head for weeks.) What you might not know is that the R&B singer’s latest album, Food, is straight up tasty-ass funk.
Webster Hall, East Village, Friday, June 13 at 8 p.m., tickets $25
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New York x Austin: Rounding Up the Brooklyn Bands at SXSW

Habibi at SXSW. (Photos by Ankita Mishra)

Habibi at Longbranch Inn (Photos: Ankita Mishra)

SXSW certainly isn’t for everyone– the crowds, the queues, the lack of available cabs, sure to leave any New Yorker squirming– but really, there’s no better place for discovering a whole lot of great music in not a whole lot of time. While the warm(ish) Texas weather was definitely a major selling point, the ultimate goal for yours truly (plus one talented photographer pal), was to catch as many bands as humanly possible. Despite the dark cloud of an early, unexpected tragedy (luckily, we were both fast asleep at the time of the accident), the festival re-gained its momentum. Over the course of four booze-and-BBQ fueled days, we criss-crossed Austin in search of some familiar faces. Here’s what we found.
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The Bowery Riots Have One Eye On the Past, One Eye On Tonight’s Show at Cameo


Justin Dean Thomas and TJ Rosenthal of The Bowery Riots

As one might infer from their name, which comes from marrying the 19th Century gang the Bowery Boys with the Astor Place Riot of 1849, The Bowery Riots are not your run-of-the-mill downtown New York indie band. Their garage-punk-meets-blues aesthetic (both sonically and visually) comes from a heartfelt respect for the New York bands of yore and the history of the neighborhood they still call home (that neighborhood is now called “Nolita”). And it certainly doesn’t hurt their street cred that Andy Rourke of The Smith produced their first EP.
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Lindsay Lohan Caught the Debut of ‘New York’s Hottest New Band’ Last Night

Public Access TV takes the stage at Niagara last night (photo: Allyson Shiffman)

Public Access TV takes the stage at Niagara last night (photo: Allyson Shiffman)

“This is fun,” said John Eatherly midway through the first gig of the East Village’s newest indie darlings, Public Access TV, at Niagara yesterday evening. Of course it was fun – the tiny venue was slammed with it-girls (Tennessee Thomas and Alexa Chung, for example), journalists and British music execs eager to see the fellas NME called “New York’s Hottest New Band.” Even Lindsay Lohan was there.
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Here’s What Justin Strauss Dropped at Panther Room Last Night

Welcome to Last Night’s Playlist, in which our favorite DJs share the tunes they played last night. 


Justin Strauss behind the decks at Panther Room. (photo: Bryan Mette)

For the very first instalment of Last Night’s Playlist, we’re pleased to feature a living nightlife legend, Justin Strauss. Strauss has been keeping folks dancing for decades – since well before the “death of New York nightlife” (i.e. Michael Alig’s incarceration). He’s played at infamous institutions like Area, Danceteria, Limelight and Tunnel. He’s remixed Tina Turner. He’s worked with Depeche Mode. And even after over three decades of spinning, remixing and producing, Strauss is still at the forefront of what’s fresh – under the moniker a/jus/ted – a collaborative project with Teddy Stuart – he’s remixed everyone from Holy Ghost! to Blood Orange.

Here are just a few tunes Strauss played yesterday evening at Output‘s Panther Room during his back to back set with Eric Duncan aka Dr Dunks. If you like what you hear, you can catch Strauss tomorrow night at the Bossa Nova Civic Club.
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Kay Kasparhauser Of The Prettiots On Ukuleles and Bubble-Gum Fetishists

Rachel Trachtenburg, Lulu Prat & Kay Kasparhauser. Photo: Colin Dodgson

Rachel Trachtenburg, Lulu Prat & Kay Kasparhauser. Photo: Colin Dodgson

Anyone who plays the ukulele and admits to having worn neon bathing suits in high school is fine by us, which is why we’re like, totally 100% behind Kay Kasparhauser, frontwoman of local band The Prettiots. Though Kasparhauser says she “wouldn’t be disappointed or insulted if someone underestimated us and thought we were just some kids making pop,” there’s a sense of charm and self-awareness – particularly to their lyrics – that makes The Prettiots much more than that.
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