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Four Must-See Shows This Week, From a Neo-Noise OG to a Bedroom Punk QT

Boy oh boy this weekend’s gonna be a wild one. There’s a lot of dark energy floating around right now. People have reached their breaking point with winter and it’s hard not to feel like something’s bound to give at any moment. Call me a truther, but I feel like ISIS might have something to do with this one. I mean they’re definitely the people behind “the dress,” am I right? Something so dull and inconsequential was the perfect way to distract people from the realities of war and global distress. Is that a glowing revelation for you or what? Well, sorry about that– but we suggest you banish your fear and channel all anxiety and doom into bobbing your head or grinding at any one of these rad shows. We promise you Suicide and Pharmakon will invoke way realer terror than “the dress.”

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‘We’d Found This Cave Out of Time’: A Look Back at Glam Rock’s Club 82

(Photos: Aileen Polk)

(Photos: Eileen Polk)

When Judy Garland, Kirk Douglas, Liz Taylor and the glitterati of the ‘50s wanted to walk on the wild side, they headed to the East Village’s Club 82, “New York’s After-Dark Rendezvous.” The notoriety of the basement club, at 82 East Fourth Street, came from its elaborate stage shows performed by 35 female impersonators. Strippers, dancers, comedians and singers, all men in drag, staged three shows nightly, seven days a week well into the ‘60s, when the novelty wore off and the club’s popularity faded.
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