Man in Man II

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Film: The Destroying Angel

Throughout the month of October, Spectacle is taking on their second series of gay porn classics with Man in Man II. The series focuses on Hand in Hand Studios, a production company that made some seriously out-there man-on-man porn films in the ’70s.

In keeping with Spectober’s theme of weird, creepy, bizzaro films, these gay porn films dabble in the occult and exhibit some seriously arty, avant-garde tendencies rarely seen in porn and erotica. We’re heavy into The Destroying Angel — which Spectacle describes as “more horror than porn” in its reconfiguration of an Edgar Allen Poe short story, though with um… some seriously imaginative interpretations. The basic premise is that a Catholic Priest embarks on a “sexy/deadly” mushroom trip where he’s stalked by his doppelganger.

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Queer Film Happenings Galore, From Eisenstein’s Outing to Out-There ’70s Porn


By the looks of things, October’s becoming something of a de facto Queer Film Month in New York City. Which is way cool, we’re always happy to see queer goings-on about town beyond Pride Month. And whether you’re a connoisseur of all things old and aging well, or live solely to soak up ever-refreshing nowness, we’ve got a couple of events that offer a slew of opportunities to attend LGBT movie happenings.

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