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Petition Against Soho House's Ludlow Street Location: 'Enough Is Enough!"


(Image via LES Dwellers)

With a critical hearing coming up later this week, the LES Dwellers have launched a petition against Soho House‘s plan to dance on the grave of Max Fish by plopping down on Ludlow Street.

Since spring, the mostly anonymous crew of Lower East Siders who make up the Dwellers have campaigned heavily against Soho House’s plan to occupy three stories and a rooftop bar at 139 Ludlow. In late May, Community Board 3 recommended that the State Liquor Authority deny a liquor license application, and now the club will plead its case to the SLA at a “500 foot” hearing on Thursday.
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Watch The Baron of Balut Eat 37 Duck Embryos in 5 Minutes

While gluttons for punishment — and just plain gluttons — lined up for ramen burgers in Williamsburg on Saturday, another foodie fiasco was playing out on the Lower East Side. East Village Filipino restaurants Jeepney and Maharlika hosted their second annual balut eating contest at the Hester Street Fair.
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Parking Lot Shakespeare and Evil Goddess Nudes: The Weekend in Art

"Norn #1" by Jonny Ruzzo

“Norn #1” by Jonny Ruzzo

If you’d like some performance with your art tonight, check out Shakespeare in the Parking Lot, which is taking over the open pavement in the Municipal Parking Lot on the corner of Ludlow and Broome for the premiere of their second free show of the summer, Richard III. The all-female Women Center Stage Festival is revving up for its closing weekend, starting tonight with A Groundbreakers Playlist, a series of short performances that feature a show about Justin Beiber playing a lesbian-themed video game and then “turning into a turnip.” To keep things weird all weekend, read on for our art picks.
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Watch Swaai Boys Turn Their Practice Space into an African Beach Hut

It’s Tropical Thursday here on Bedford + Bowery — now that we’ve introduced you to “castaway rock,” how bout some “turf rock”? Swaai Boys take their inspiration from the idea of adventure, manifesting in a hybrid genre they also call “tropical pop.”
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L Train Is Cutting Out Early; Driver in Sidewalk Wreck Pleads Not Guilty


(Photo: Phillip Kalantzis Cope)

So apparently the L train isn’t going to be running late-nights in August. Guess the whole “city that never sleeps” business doesn’t extend beyond the East River. Dammit. [Brokelyn]

Speaking of the L, The L Magazine named us “best new local blog” in their Best of Brooklyn issue (yep, shameless plug). Aww, thanks, guys! [The L]
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Your Favorite Subway Musicians Are Going to Be Living the High Life

Dan Pierson was in awe of Robert Leslie when he heard him playing in the Second Avenue F station for quarters. But instead of dropping a bill in the British-born performer’s guitar case and moving along, he took his card and invited him to perform at the apartment-warming party he was throwing on his Brooklyn Heights roof.
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Here’s What Went Down On Max Fish’s Last Night

So, yeah. Max Fish closed last night with an epic sendoff. Yesterday photographer Daniel Savage shared his photos of the bar’s regulars and last night, our own Taji Ameen stopped in (or tried to, anyway) to hang with them. He brought back the video above and the report below.
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Kickstarter Film Fest, Lindsay Lohan and the 25th Annual Tompkins Square Riot Reunion

This Saturday at the new Havemeyer Park in Williamsburg, the third annual Kickstarter Film Fest promises good food, cheap beer, and a night of Kickstarter-funded films. So lay down a blanket for Bill Plympton’s animated feature “Cheatin’” and “Mr. Grillo: The Thereminist,” about a musical genius whose instrument of choice is the theremin.
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Watch Eli Reed Clear a Cop Car in a True ‘Skate or Die’ Moment

After dropping a sought-after collab with Mark Gonzales this spring, New York City brand UXA continues to push creativity with a new video titled “#TheChase.” Starting at the Astor Place cube, downtown’s most famous meet-up spot, the grainy black-and-white mini-movie follows pro skater Eli Reed as he slashes through lower Manhattan, trailed by some very large thugs played by Lower East Side natives Carlito Olivo and Johnny Diaz.
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‘Last Call on Ludlow’: A Photo Tribute to Max Fish, Closing Tonight

<strong>Ulli Rimkus</strong>

Ulli Rimkus

The owner of Max Fish. The person that made the iconic downtown art/skate gathering spot that is Max Fish possible. Thank you, Ulli.

<strong>Quindell Willis</strong>

Quindell Willis

Musician, photographer, and long-time bartender at Max Fish. Q to me is the epitome of effortlessly cool.

<strong>The bar</strong>

The bar

<strong>RB Umali</strong>

RB Umali

Talented film producer, skateboard filmmaker, and one of my closest friends. Whenever coming back to NYC from traveling, one of my first texts is to RB to meet up at Max Fish for pool.

<strong>Patrick Holmes</strong>

Patrick Holmes

Musician and Max Fish bartender. My favorite portrait in the series.



<strong>Paul Roura</strong>

Paul Roura

Also known as Paulgarr, Paul is a talented skateboard filmer and filmmaker along with being a fellow appreciator of all things Morrissey.

<strong>Marc Razo</strong>

Marc Razo

Along with brothers Andre and Tino, Marc is sort of synonymous with NYC skateboarding and downtown culture. A bartender at Max Fish and bassist for the band Endless Boogie. Everybody loves Marc -- it's as easy as that.

<strong>The pool table</strong>

The pool table

<strong>Justin Strubing</strong>

Justin Strubing

Aka "Smiles for Miles.” A long-time professional skateboarder, Justin is known as being undeniably one of the nicest people you can possibly meet. A few years ago, I also witnessed him win, like, a dozen straight pool games on the Max Fish pool table with a broken collarbone and one arm in a sling.

<strong>Joshua Wildman</strong>

Joshua Wildman

Who doesn't love Joshua Wildman? Talented photographer, always plays a great DJ set, and recently brought his dad to Max Fish when Mobb Deep performed . . . which I thought was pretty much the coolest thing ever.

<strong>A beer and a shot</strong>

A beer and a shot

<strong>Harry Druzd</strong>

Harry Druzd

Longtime Ludlow Street local and bartender at Max Fish. Drummer in the band Endless Boogie. Harry is the kind of guy who always asks how you're doing and how you've been.

<strong>Gabe Lockey</strong>

Gabe Lockey

A local at Max Fish and a guy I consider to be the quintessential free spirit. Recently traveled through Southeast Asia on a motorbike and came back with the best stories. Gabe is always guaranteed to play great vinyl while DJing.

<strong>The bathroom</strong>

The bathroom

<strong>Atiba Jefferson</strong>

Atiba Jefferson

One of my favorite photographers. If there's a great skate photo taken in the last several years, chances are Atiba was behind the lens. Also half of DJ duo The Blackouts, with twin brother Ako.

<strong>Ansku Heiskanen</strong>

Ansku Heiskanen

I actually don't know Ansku too well, but I loved this photo, and I think her style is emblematic of the type of people I enjoy meeting at the Fish.

<strong>The awning</strong>

The awning

<strong>Allan Windsor</strong>

Allan Windsor

Has been a bartender at Max Fish since the day it opened in 1989. My favorite source for epic stories of "The Old New York" and what the LES used to be like. He didn't really like me taking his photo for this, so I got nervous and accidentally double-exposed the film. It worked out to be one of my favorite shots of one of my favorite people.

<strong>Alex Corporan</strong>

Alex Corporan

Too much to sum up in a sentence. OG NYC skateboarding legend, friend of everyone, always has a smile. Collaborated with Ivory Serra and Andre Razo to put out the amazing book Full Bleed: New York City Skateboard Photography -- a must-have for anyone who wants to experience the history of skating in the city.

<strong>Ako Jefferson</strong>

Ako Jefferson

Helms The Skateboard Mag as Art Director, half of DJ duo The Blackouts, with twin brother Atiba.

<strong>The Fish</strong>

The Fish

Daniel Savage has been frequenting Max Fish for over a decade now. While the 31-year-old surfer and photographer doesn’t specifically remember the first time he set foot in the Lower East Side skater haven, he does recall the feeling: “I remember just being really wide-eyed about it all. I was new to NYC and it seemed like a place where people who were doing amazing things hung out. 178 Ludlow Street was where I wanted to be every night.”
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