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Cat Cafe Coming to LES; Taiwanese Night Market Headed For Williamsburg

True North

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

Our cat cafe dreams have been realized: the Bowery will be home to Purina ONE Cat Cafe, a pop-up coffee shop with free food and drinks, plus plenty of felines available for adoption. [Sprudge]

A 2.3-acre site in Bushwick, with five industrial properties, is on the market for close to $30 million. [Brownstoner]

The East River Ferry might not be operating by the time Greenpoint’s five week G train shutdown begins in July. [Capital NY]
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More Landlord Strife for Steve Cannon; Bartender Sues Over Headbutt

NIck Walker

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

When emptying his East Village apartment–and the longtime home of his gallery, A Gathering of TribesSteve Cannon removed a wall painted by artist David Hammonds, replacing it with a generic one. Cannon’s former landlord, Lorraine Zhang, says the one-of-a-kind piece belongs to her. [NY Times]

At Acme restaurant in Noho, a bartender who allegedly had his nose broken by a patron who headbutted him is suing for $2 million. [NY Post]

Some young members of the Lower East Side Girls Club used makeup to look bloodied and bruised during an anti-violence march this weekend in Tompkins Square Park. [GammaBlog]

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Don’t Call Him a Pick-Up Artist, But This Man Will Help You ‘Live Like a Stud’

(Photo courtesy of Anthony Recenello)

(Photo courtesy of Anthony Recenello)

Two Anthonies walk into a bar.

The first Anthony – a tall, swarthy man with a thick Russian accent – surveys the packed crowd at Pianos with quiet determination, and walks slowly towards the back of the room.
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Bushwick Bodega Worker Killed; Bay Ridge the New Williamsburg?

Brooklyn Brewery, Williamsburg, Rolling Out The Barrels

(Photo: Polsia Ryder)

Yesterday morning a 52-year-old father of 13 was shot and killed while working behind the bodega counter at 427 Central Avenue in Bushwick. No one has been arrested. [NY Post]

With DNA Info wondering, “Is Bay Ridge the new Williamsburg?”, Free Williamsburg compiles a list of every city or neighborhood that has achieved new Williamsburg or new Brooklyn status. [Free Williamsburg]

Drinksmith Thomas Waugh talked about the cocktails he has planned for the Ludlow Hotel’s new restaurant, Dirty French, on the Lower East Side. [Grub Street] Keep Reading »


Clayton Patterson Had a Farewell Show: Is It Really Goodbye For the LES Legend?

Word that Clayton Patterson was leaving the Lower East Side for Austria really rattled those who considered him the neighborhood’s “last bohemian,” as the Times headline dubbed him. Could the man who documented the Tompkins Square Park riots and the underground scenes of the ’80s and ’90s East Village, founded a gallery of “outlaw art,” and edited epic histories of LES radicalism, filmmaking and Jewish culture really be leaving the hood whose denizens he’s photographed religiously? We, for one, had to find out.
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Where to Find Kevin Corrigan Before He Chats Up the Broad City Girls Tonight

Maybe you don’t recognize Kevin Corrigan’s name, but when you see his face and hear that Bronx accent, you realize, “Oh, yeah. That guy. I LOVE that guy.” He’s been in countless movies you like: GoodfellasPineapple ExpressSuperbadThe Departed. On TV, he’s known for FringeDamages, and The Mentalist.
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J. Crew Coming to Williamsburg; Michael Alig Soon to Be Free

Luigi's 3rd Ave. Pizza

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

A 32-year-old man who mistakenly turned into oncoming traffic flipped his car while attempting to correct the mistake yesterday morning. He is in “grave” condition at Woodhull Hospital. [NY Daily News]

Michael Alig — the club kid and convicted murderer played by Macaulay Culkin in the 2003 film Party Monster — might be getting out of jail next month. [Gothamist]

J. Crew is said to be closing a deal for a space on Wythe, and Apple is looking in Williamsburg, too. [Crain's NY] Keep Reading »


In Five Star, Keith Miller’s Leading Man Is a General in the East New York Bloods

Left to right: Primo (James 'Primo' Grant) and John (John Diaz) talk business on the court. (Photo: Nathan Fitch)

Left to right: Primo (James ‘Primo’ Grant) and John (John Diaz) talk business on the court. (Photo: Nathan Fitch)

Keith Miller’s latest film grew out of his 2011 short, “Gang Bangin’ 101.” In that two-minute doc, James “Primo” Grant – a burly, bearded Brooklyn native who works as a bouncer at a Bed-Stuy nightclub – spoke frankly about joining the East New York Bloods when he was 12 and eventually becoming a five-star general in what he calls the “brotherhood.”
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A Shooting and A Stabbing in Bushwick, Greenpoint Couple Found Dead in Hot Tub

Nothing but flowers

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

A Bushwick police officer told B+B that a man was stabbed on Broadway at 11:15 p.m. Monday. He was taken to Kings County Hospital and is expected to survive. No arrest has been made.

That night there was also an apparent shooting at Knickerbocker Avenue and Putnam Street in Bushwick. This is the neighborhood’s second shooting in as many weeks. [Bushwick Daily]

Investigators are trying to determine what happened to the middle-aged Greenpoint couple who was found dead in their hot tub on Sunday. [NY Daily News]
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Walks, Talks, and Chalk: 80 Things to Do During Lower East Side History Month

Logo color_12-15The organizers of the first annual Lower East Side History Month have announced next month’s lineup, featuring over 80 events organized by over 60 cultural and community groups based in the LES, East Village, Chinatown and Little Italy. The month-long celebration of downtown lore kicks off May 3, when various sites will have been chalked up with neighborhood trivia and poetry (passersby will be encouraged to add their own) and continues May 4 with a picnic at Pier 42, featuring salsa dancing and gypsy swing. An LES Heroes award — which is exactly what it sounds like — will also be announced. Here, courtesy of Fourth Arts Block, is the lineup, starting with the Real Estate Show events we told you about earlier.
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Vinyl Vendor Goes Brick-and-Mortar; Bookstore Pops Up in Wythe Hotel

Palm Sunday planting of the crosses, East Yard cemetery, St. Marks in the Bowery3

Palm Sunday crosses at St. Mark’s Church, marking Americans killed by guns each year.(Photo: Scott Lynch)

Longtime Brooklyn Flea vendor Wreckords by Monkey — which makes jewelry, iPhone cases and clocks from vinyl — will host an opening party Saturday for its Boerum Street brick-and-mortar store, The Crate. [Brooklyn Vegan]

Beginning Friday, the Greenpoint bookstore Word will have a week-long pop-up shop in the Wythe Hotel with 150 food-and-drink themed titles, a tie-in to this month’s upcoming Food Book Fair in Williamsburg. [Racked NY]

One little surprise orgy ruined AirBnB for the rest of us — the site will start taxing New York users this summer. [Curbed NY] Keep Reading »