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Missed Nirvana Last Night? See Two More Bands Cover ‘Em Tonight

290199-250If you missed 285 Kent’s Halloween show last night, then you missed Butter the Children doing the Pixies and Dead Stars covering Nirvana — but don’t hate yourself and want to die, tonight some other bands are taking a stab. Cake Shop has just announced its Halloween Partyshow lineup, and it’ll feature Butter the Children as the Pixies (again!) and Low Getting High as Nirvana. Plus, Palehound as Pavement, Flagland as Weezer, and Vulture Shit as Dookie Shit (a Green Day cover band, we’re assuming?). The show starts at 8:30 p.m. and goes till midnight, and there’s a $8 cover.

Update: Silent Barn is also doing a covers show tonight, and yet another band, Whoarfrost, will attempt to channel Kurt, Chris and Dave. In addition, Celestial Shore and Steve Marion of Delicate Steve will do Led Zeppelin and You will do Interpol.

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We Love You, Papaya King, But You’re Wrong About Zeppelin and the Stones

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

No, they didn’t. (Photo: Daniel Maurer)

The Papaya King that opened in the East Village last month is all about St. Marks Place. There’s a dog named after St. Marks resident Jimmy McMillan, who scored the King’s endorsement for mayor; and a sign on the back wall tells us that Lenny Bruce once lived on St. Marks (strangely, there’s no sign giving props to Crif Dogs for being the first place on St. Marks to combine hot dogs and video games).
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